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The TV has become an integral part of many people’s lives. For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, having such a means of entertainment there is a must. First of all, TV is considered as a source of information, which should not be deprived of itself.

In order to use the TV in the kitchen it was convenient and safe to take into account all the features of this room.

Which TV is right for the kitchen?

The characteristics of the TV set for the kitchen differ slightly from those suitable for installation in other rooms. It is believed that the minimum size of this device is 15 inches. In this case, you should consider the size of the kitchen. If such a room is nonstandard and has a large area, then a small device will be lost among other things.

For a large kitchen, the range of options for installing a monitor and selecting a model is greatly expanded. Here you can put a modern device with a diagonal of 24 to 36 inches. In this case, it should be borne in mind that a quality image on the LCD monitor can be obtained by setting it at a certain angle. At the same time, such models are characterized by an acceptable price. LED-TVs will provide an excellent image from any angle. Therefore, they can be used without any restrictions in any corner of the kitchen. A narrower body than the others makes it easy to find a suitable place for such a device. The only difficulty that arises in the installation of a large TV is the inability to embed it in furniture. This bonus can be additional features of the device, such as USB, DVD, Blu-Ray and others.

It’s better if the monitor’s body blends with the interior. Universal will be a black color. But you can give freedom of imagination and choose a bright color that harmoniously joins the overall situation.

In a small kitchen, a small TV will organically look. The size can be up to 20 inches. To watch the broadcasts on this device, you do not need to strain your eyesight, at the same time it will fit ergonomically into the compact dimensions of the room. It is better if the model is flat and as light as possible. Then it will be easier to find a place for a TV set in a small area.

A small kitchen will not allow you to freely choose the point from which you can watch TV. Therefore, the chosen model should allow in all colors to see what is happening on the screen, even with an unfortunate foreshortening or too bright light.

The TV for the kitchen should have an excellent sound. This is due to the fact that most of the time it is necessary to listen to TV, because the work in the kitchen is associated with increased attention.

How to place a TV

The main condition for choosing a place for installing a TV is the location of it away from water and a plate. Mostly, monitors have:

  1. built in furniture;
  2. apart from furniture.

In addition to the usual strengthening of the TV set on the wall, there are a lot of ways in the mobile mount bracket provided. For example, a TV set over household appliances will create an unusual situation for the kitchen of the future, where all functions are performed by computers. A monitor in one row with a dishwasher and a microwave oven can create the necessary entourage.

A perfect place for the device can be a shallow niche. If its back wall is painted in the basic color of the situation, then it is possible to harmoniously fit the TV into the interior of the kitchen. The niche can be replaced with a shelf, on which the TV will look no worse. This design move is perfect for a kitchen in a classic style.

One of the most common options is the high placement of a television set. Usually it is suspended directly under the ceiling. This position allows you to watch the programs of those who stand on their feet for a long time. The best for viewing is the farthest corner. For a high placement of the monitor, the surface of the refrigerator or cabinet is suitable. In the cabinet you can use sliding doors to hide the TV when there is no need.

Optimal placement for the TV will be the level of the eyes in the kitchen. If most of the time everyone is sitting at the table, then the TV should be where it is convenient to look from a sitting position. This arrangement is suitable for a kitchen-dining room.

For a small monitor, you can use an empty angle. It’s better to hang it or just put it on the table. More often than not all corners in the kitchen are used and one of them can be a convenient place for a TV.

Some models suggest the possibility of tilting the monitor like a TV in an airplane. In the folded form, such a device is invisible and can even be hidden by decorative elements like curtains or shutters. The folding varieties are characterized by small sizes and are most suitable for small rooms.

A convenient option is to use the living room as a place to mount the monitor. This is possible in the case of a common wall between two rooms or when the wall of the living room is in sight of who is in the kitchen.

To organically fit a modern TV into the kitchen interior from natural wood or stone, you can use decorative elements from the same material. But the main thing to remember is that the technique in the kitchen, first of all, needs a careful attitude. It should be protected from water, splashing oil and food particles. If you follow all the precautions, then the TV will not only give the kitchen a complete look, but also for a long time will function properly.

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