Wallpaper for the bedroom – choose the option to your liking

Whatever modern ways of finishing vertical surfaces appear, and the wallpaper still remains one of the most popular options for covering the walls in the bedroom. This is primarily due to the appointment of the room – in the bedroom we relax and gain strength for the upcoming affairs of the next day of our lives. An important function of rest and a sense of comfort is easily spoiled by an unseemly situation. But everyone has different ideas about a relaxing interior. Someone likes neutral palette, someone likes awakening colors, for some important new trends and latest trends.

In this publication, you will find many examples of design bedrooms with different types of wallpaper for every taste and color. An inspiring selection of the entire range of color palette, all kinds of textures and their combinations, will help to make a choice for those who are preparing for repair or reconstruction of a bedroom.

Accent wall – the trend of recent years

Recently, more and more popular in the design of bedrooms enjoys the following method – the allocation of one of the walls of the room with the help of a shade or a pattern of wallpaper. Sometimes on the accent wall perform panels or individual segments with the help of moldings or other finishing materials.

In the case of small areas reserved for the sleeping area, a wallpaper with an active pattern on all walls would be a mistake, in this case an already small room would seem even more modest. Therefore, the allocation of one wall, more often at the head of the bed, allows you to dilute the monophonic finish of the entire room.

Often, the color of the wallpaper for the accent wall is chosen under the color of the curtains or carpeting, there is also a variant of combining the wallpaper palette at the headboard with the coloring of the textile for the bed – bedspread or bed linen.

Sometimes dilute the finish of the bedroom is just necessary at least one colored surface, especially if the other walls are made in light, neutral tones.

The accent wall helps to lay a visual bridge between the snow-white surface finish and the dark tones of the main bedroom furniture – the bed and its textiles.

In this case, the accent wall fell not only on the head of the bed, but also on two window openings. As a result of the bright drawing in the interior of the room, not so much to make it too variegated, but it can not be said that its situation is boring and monotonous. A rich blue shade of wallpaper, coupled with an abundance of natural light, gives the room freshness and lightness.

Another example of the fact that the accent wall need not be placed at the head of the main piece of furniture, it all depends on the situation of the room, the location of window and doorways and taste preferences of residents, of course.

Textile wallpaper with a pattern is great for finishing accent walls. They look great in the bedroom, this material is not toxic and simple in terms of use. The only drawback is a relatively high cost, but it will pay off with interest if you match the textiles for the bed and windows to the wallpaper, resulting in a harmonious and relaxing interior of the bedroom.

The design of these rooms with accent walls is suitable for decorating the girls’ bedrooms. Against the background of simple and concise finishing, the elements of romanticism and some naivety look very advantageous.

In this case, we have a non-trivial version of the accent wall – not at the head of the bed, but in the space around the window. The decoration of the window opening became a presentation platform for the dressing table and a soft armchair near it. Such a presentation needed a vivid and active picture of the wallpaper.

Light-mint shade of finishing the bedroom is also present in the accent wall, but diluted with silver embossing, which is perfectly combined with the elements of the room’s decor.

A perfect example of choosing wallpaper for the accent wall, which harmoniously linked the coloring of the carpet, textiles and decor items.

Sometimes the accent wall does not need brightness or coloring activity, a neutral enough palette and an unusual texture that can be repeated in decor or sleeping textile.

To create an accent wall, you can use wallpaper. For example, in this bedroom the wallpaper is imitated by book shelving, not only diluting the white finish of the bedroom, but also changing its appearance cardinally.

A spacious and bright bedroom room is capable of withstanding an active pattern of accent wallpaper, which contains shades involved in decoration and furnishing the room.

An unusual approach to the design of the accent wall was expressed in the structure of the wallpaper itself, made from pieces of patterns and patterns for sewing, which personalizes the design of the bedroom and gives an idea of ​​the owners of the room.

Panno, moldings and niche decoration in modern bedrooms

For those. to whom the execution of just an accent wall at the head of the bed seems boring or want some variety, individuality – the following options for wall decoration may suit.

With the help of moldings and wallpapers of active colors symmetrical segments are formed, which are similar to wall panels. Such designs do not overload the decoration of the bedroom with excessive color and contribute to bringing individual charm to the interior of the room.

With the help of bright, colorful wallpaper, you can draw a niche in which the bed is located. Against the background of light or snow-white walls, this element looks refreshing. He invigorates the character of the bedroom, makes it more interesting.

With the help of bright stripes of wallpaper with an active pattern, spaces are decorated over the bedside tables. This decor adds symmetry to the bedroom and gives brightness.

Bright wallpaper – awakening bedroom interior

Psychologists recommend to decorate the walls of the bedroom to choose colors from a neutral, light palette. And designers tend to think that you need to apply shades that you always liked, encouraged to action or vice versa pacified. You can find the gold standard between the opinions of experts and your own preferences, choosing your favorite colors in a diluted version or less active coloring.

All homeowners have different ideas about brightness. For some, the red color of the walls is bright and rich, for others – the presence of this shade in the small elements of the print on the wallpaper – already busting for the bedroom interior. It is important to remember only. That when using the active colors of wallpaper, it is better to abandon prints on textiles for windows and beds, giving preference to monophonic, quiet options.

The wallpaper with a pronounced geometric pattern is more suitable for a neutral light color curtains with a smooth texture. In decor objects, it is also better to avoid excesses in color and texture.

Here is an example of decorating the walls of a bedroom with monotonous wallpaper of a saturated blue color. At the same time, the space of the boudoir and the dressing room are decorated with brightly printed wallpapers.

Monochrome wallpaper design can also look bright and catchy. But this bedroom in the Art Nouveau style needed this particular wall decoration print, which would fit into the overall slightly bohemian atmosphere of a spacious room.

Wide stripes of wallpaper visually stretch the room to the height, and the floral print on the accent wall gives the traditional atmosphere of the classic bedroom a touch of lightheadedness and romanticism.

The eclectic design of this bedroom needed an active coloring of the wallpaper for the accent surface. The colors of the picture on the wall are repeated in textiles for the decoration of windows and beds and even in the furniture and frame for the mirror.

The wallpaper with the picture “Turkish cucumber” became the focus of attention in this bedroom. Harmonious combination with textiles allowed to create a really positive and festive atmosphere of the room.

Textile wallpaper with floral pattern, repeated in the material of pillows, and decor objects created a harmonious and outwardly attractive alliance.

Some of the colors from the active colors of the wallpaper at the head of the bed were repeated in the decoration of the space of open shelves for books, which harmoniously linked the bedroom interior.

Only light, neutral textiles on windows and beds, snow-white ceiling and pastel shades floor covering could withstand such a vivid print of wallpaper. As a result, a non-trivial, interesting design of the room turned out.

This bedroom in the Art Nouveau style abounds with designer decor, and wallpapers are no exception. This interior is unforgettable and bright. Immediately it becomes obvious that the owners of the room are creative people with an unordinary approach to the arrangement of space for rest and sleep.

A deep emerald shade of textured wallpaper has become a perfect background for warm and bright colors of wood for furniture. Nontrivial design of the bedroom complemented the artwork above the head of the bed.

A bright, but monochrome wallpaper design consists of shades that are actively applied throughout the interior of the bedroom. Bright and spacious room amazes with its lightness, brightness and summer mood.

Bedroom wallpapers in light colors

Of course, the most common are wallpaper for the bedroom from a light spectrum of colors. It is due to the fact that for many homeowners it is calm, pastel colors that are associated with a calm sleep, rest and relaxation. Neutral color scale allows not only to visually expand the area of ​​the room, but also serves as an excellent background for any shades of furniture, accessories and decor items. For plain light wallpaper, it’s easy to pick up textiles for windows and beds. And also to mask the errors in the structure and texture of the room itself.

Light wallpaper widens the space, and the print of the vertical stripes also stretches the bedroom in height. You can use dark textiles for curtains and do not be afraid to visually reduce the room.

Even with a large pattern, but in light color, the wallpaper serves as a perfect background for the wooden surfaces of furniture, door and window openings.

Dark-mint wallpaper with golden embossing perfectly in harmony with brocade curtains and gilded glitter of a luxurious chandelier. Wallpapers complemented the royal bedroom interior.

It is not often possible to meet the design of the bedroom, in which the walls and ceiling are decorated in a single version of the finishing material. Unusual wallpaper with a light metallic shine perfectly suits both the leather execution of the upholstery of the bed, and to the dark curtains, and to the designer artwork on the wall.

Bright, but at the same time, the bright interior of the bedroom due to its eccentricity, including, and wallpaper with a small ribbed pattern. The combination of white and greenish shades has become a key trend in bedroom design.

This bright room has become much more interesting with wallpaper, which depicts trees. A note of natural warmth in a minimalist atmosphere diluted the general atmosphere of the bedroom.

Dark wallpaper – non-trivial interior design of the bedroom

We bring to your attention several images of bedrooms with dark wallpaper. A deep palette of decoration of the walls allows you to create a truly unique individual design of the bedroom.

The deep, dark color of indigo in the decor of the walls has become an excellent background for artwork and a light bed.

Dark blue wallpaper with a large pattern became the center of attraction of all looks in this bedroom. The dark bedspread on the bed, the pillows, the roller blinds and even the tulle on the window supported the slightly decadent setting of the sleeping room.

For blending styles of country and modern, black textile wallpaper has become an interesting choice, supporting a dark gamut of window frames. The wallpaper does not obscure the room due to large window openings and natural light streams.

Dark gray textile wallpaper with silk embossing created an atmosphere of luxurious coziness. In such a bedroom with an interior in all shades of gray, I want to fall asleep and wake up.

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