Vertical garden in the apartment live plants on the wall in different design

Vertical gardens in the apartment have enjoyed immense popularity for many years. Increasingly, living plants are found on walls in living quarters, bringing freshness and beauty to the interior decor of the house. It turns out that the vertical garden in the apartment is not difficult to create, and care also does not require titanic efforts. Ideas for decorating plants on the wall can be viewed in the photo gallery.

How to create a vertical garden in the apartment?

The construction of a large vertical garden in the room is best entrusted to professionals. Many gardening companies specialize in this field. However, with appropriate means and thoughtful selection of plant species, you can design with your own hands a bright floral image on the wall, which will be the main decoration of the bedroom, kitchen, living room or bath. Simple and small projects can really be done on their own.

Creating a vertical garden: step by step

Vertical garden is best built on a large, unified and well-lit wall. It can be a separate structure or living wall in combination with another element, for example, an aquarium, a TV, a mini fountain.

The way of mounting a vertical garden on the wall

The option of decorating plants on the wall depends on the technology chosen. Many systems can be purchased on the market. Pendant frames containing bushings and pockets are quite popular. Their size varies depending on the manufacturer. In any case, the panels or frames of fastening should be stably fixed to the wall, for example, with screws. Between the wall and modules should put a thin protective layer, for example, from PVC.

Planting of plants in vertical panels

In the panels are placed pots or directly planted plants. Good panels are equipped with an irrigation system, for example, with built-in hoses. The recommended substrate is a universal type of fertile mixed-earth garden with compost and other fertilizers. Plants are planted most often after installation of the modules. 25-30 plants can be planted per m².

Vertical garden in the apartment with their own hands: which plants to choose?

The choice of plants for the garden in the room is much easier than with the design of external walls. In this case, there are no problems with temperature differences for the selected representatives of the flora. It is only necessary to organize a beautiful exposition, regular watering, as with large structures, sometimes water can not reach each hub.

Climbing plants

For the organization of a vertical garden, the best option is the weaving and climbing plants:

  • ivy;
  • scindapsus golden;
  • cissus rhomboid;
  • ficus;
  • philodendron.

Low-grown plants

A great choice for planting in pots will be plants that do not reach a high altitude. These include:

  • the arrowroot;
  • Hypoesthesum leaf-and-squaminate.

Tropical Plants

The exotic choice for the vertical garden will be tropical plants of the Bromeliad family. Some of the most popular representatives are:

  • ehmeya striped;
  • gusmania.

Representatives of ferns

Elegant green fern decorate any apartment. There are a lot of representatives of an ancient group of plants:

  • aliantum;
  • nephrolepis;
  • paronychia;
  • platitserium or deer horn.

Plants for large walls

With large-scale designs, you can try to plant massive plants, such as croton and dracaena. Unfortunately, after several years of growing tall plants in small containers, problems may arise. In this case, the vertical garden should be modernized.

Vertical landscaping and garden maintenance procedures on the wall

Plants grown on the apartment wall require a little more care than with the traditional type of planting. First of all, vertical vegetation is planted in small containers, which have less space for growth, competing with each other for light. The simplest irrigation is usually automatic. Similarly, you can also fertilize. The disadvantage of the solution is the uniformity of the procedures, with the different needs of each species of flora. Plants planted in a vertical garden should be regularly moistened, especially in summer. During the landing, mini-tanks can be added to the base, which simplifies the availability of water.

Vertical garden – an interesting way to decorate the interior with living plants. You can construct a small green composition on the wall. Take practical advice on how to create a vertical garden at home, thanks to the information and photo-examples in this article.

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