Pendant lighting for dining room

Ceiling fans serve to cool the air on hot days, create comfortable conditions in the room and ensure the well-being of the people in it. The peculiarity of ceiling fans is that they not only cool the room, but are also part of the interior, decorate the room and create a certain mood among those around. The arrangement of ceiling fans is simple – they have several rotating blades which, when the fan works, capture air, mix it and provide air movement, which creates a feeling of coolness and freshness. We feel the whiff of the wind, which can cool even on the hottest day. Ceiling fans can be used not only in summer, to cool rooms, but also in winter. If you change the direction of the blades, the air will move from the bottom up, the cold air masses mix with the more heated and the temperature in the room gradually level. In the summer, the motion of the blades is directed so that the air moves from top to bottom and blows those present with a light refreshing breeze.

A dining room is a place in an apartment or house for eating, receiving guests. The decoration of the dining room should be functional, the room – clean, cozy, attractive, contribute to an increase in appetite and the formation of a good mood. A big role in this is lighting. Correctly organized lighting of the dining room is a combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting. Without artificial lighting in the dining room can not do. Lighting fixtures (fixtures) will help to give the dining room a solemnity during the reception of guests, create a romantic atmosphere during a friendly conversation, a family dinner filled with an atmosphere of openness, sincerity and warmth. With lamps, a person becomes warm, cozy and pleasant. They are an integral part of the dining room interior, giving it beauty, expressiveness and comfort.
Functional center of the dining room is a dining table, which should be lit in a suitable way. On the table, objects of his serving, dishes focus the rays of the lamps, forming a directional light flux. The dining table can be installed in the center of the dining room or near the wall. It depends on the area of the dining room, its configuration, the arrangement of furniture. Often the dining table is installed in the center, which allows you to achieve harmony of interior and light in space.
The dining room uses basic and local lighting. The lamps are selected in accordance with the interior design of the dining room. Fixtures for the dining room can be stationary and portable, decorated in different styles (classical, modern, country, Tiffany, provence, floristics, hi-tech and others). Light sources for light fixtures are well suited for incandescent lamps, in the spectrum of which yellow rays predominate, they fill the dining room with a pleasant soft light for the perception of the human eye.
The classical variant of the main dining room lighting is the installation of a suspended lamp or chandelier with a shade made of textile material (in most of the fabrics) with an open lower part in the center of the ceiling, which allows to receive diffused light throughout the room. Also used lamps with shades of white and frosted glass or plastic masses. It is acceptable to use lamps with colored shades of yellow, red and orange colors. It is known that the colored plafonds of lamps under the influence of a source give off a pleasant warm light. The lamp, installed in the center of the ceiling above the dining table, directs most of the light rays onto the table; Light rays, which are reflected from the ceiling, are evenly distributed in space. If the dining table is not located in the center of the dining room, but near the wall, then the lamp for the main lighting can be shifted relative to the center. In the dining room of a small area, it is appropriate to install spotlights or mobile luminaires on the busbar in place of a suspended lamp. They can be installed on walls or ceiling, which ensures good illumination of the room. This approach to lighting the dining room emphasizes its originality and style, and the lighting is spectacular. For example, spotlights can be placed in a certain order, at different levels, forming a certain composition. Maybe there is an option that the dining room walls are made furniture. In this case, it is very functional and appropriate to use the lighting of furniture, installing in it a small built-in lighting. They not only provide illumination for dining room furniture, but also are elements of decorative lighting.
If the dining room has a large height, the hanging lamps will give it grandeur and solemnity. In a large dining room, a single lamp for basic lighting is not enough, so in combination with it, spotlights can be used that are built into the ceiling; Along the walls can be installed wall lamps – sconces, as well as lamps, built-in furniture and performing the function of decorative lighting. In a small dining room on the contour of the ceiling can be set point lights of low power. In rooms with low ceilings, it is advisable to use hanging lamps with small suspensions, as well as lamps that are adjustable in height. Today, lighting fixtures with dimmers are popular with which you can adjust the brightness of lighting, create various light scenarios, filling the room with soft diffused light and a home atmosphere. The presence of dimmers extends the functionality of luminaires, allows you to set the lighting level of the dining room taking into account the time of day, weather conditions and need, and a different level of lighting allows you to get the original lighting effects.
In the dining room can also be used floor lamps – floor lamps. Convenience of their rearrangement from one place to another will allow creating diffused illumination in a certain place of the room. The use of different types of lamps in the dining room, of various functional purposes, decorated in a single style, will give it a special flavor and mood.
Make the right choice of fixtures for the dining room in your apartment or in your house. Your dining room can become a place for festive dinners and friendly gatherings, quiet family dinners, intimate table meetings and conversations, and therefore the lighting in it should be organized accordingly

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