Pavilions made of wood: the best ideas for design

The gazebo is an important design element, and in some cases it becomes simply necessary. The tree has the magic power of nature, warmth and comfort, which is why wooden arbors are the most popular for all layers of modern society.

Purpose of the arbor

Arbor gazebo strife! All arbours can be divided into 5 main categories for their intended purpose, but you can see that the appointment of the arbor, due to certain circumstances, may change, which should be taken into account when choosing them:

  • pavilions for privacy. There may be a personal option, that is, solitude for reading a book or doing something else. Such a gazebo can also become a place for intimate meetings far away from the eyes;
  • gazebo, as a shelter. No, no, it’s not about bombing – here it means torrential rain and scorching sun;
  • a panorama gazebo. Currently, a very popular species is exactly where there is something to see. Of course, such a gazebo will be out of place in the country, where around the gardens, sown with potatoes and cabbage, but somewhere in a country house with a view of the mountains or a pond is the most it! Such pavilions are even called gazebos or belvedere;
  • pergolas for the company. That is exactly what our person thinks first of all, when the question is about the gazebo. Typically, such a gazebo should be of considerable size (if the host has a lot of friends). Required elements here will be a table and benches, in some cases chairs;
  • separately you can distinguish pavilions in which, in addition to the fact that you can sit, there is also the opportunity to cook food without departing from the “ticket office”. Of course, such a gazebo is an order of magnitude higher than all listed as there must necessarily be a grill, a grill or a whole complex for preparing various dishes.

Types of arbors depending on the shape

The tree is a rather convenient building material, from which you can make a gazebo of absolutely any shape, and without much effort and skill. So, the most popular forms:

  • gazebo in the form of a canopy. The easiest way to organize a place for rest and fun is to simply cover the area adjacent to the house and install the necessary furniture. In addition to solid overlap, you can use a temporary woven material, erecting something like a tent and feeling like a Turkish sultan. In this case, the form can be quite varied from the standard to the bizarre;
  • round. According to experts, round forms are most often chosen by conservative people who like to spend time with their families, because the table should also be round;
  • rectangular. The most practical option for any type of structure, and the gazebo is no exception. It is convenient both in construction and in application;
  • polygonal. Such arbors always look unusual and exquisite, which adds to the overall design of the landscape taste and style. However, for the construction of such a gazebo, it is better to find a good construction company specializing in the construction of arbors, since here you will need an uncommon knowledge of geometry and their application in practice.

Closed and open pavilions

All listed types of arbors can be divided into two large families: open and closed type. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. So …

  • Open. Very light and airy structures, irreplaceable in the summer season in temperate latitudes and all year round, where there is no cold winter. In such pavilions, the air never stagnates due to natural and continuous ventilation. Also, if the gazebo is used as a survey of the surrounding beauties, it has a colossal advantage over the closed one. No matter how beautiful the daffodil was, and he has his shortcomings. In inclement weather (wind) in such a gazebo will be uncomfortable, and in case of the onset of cold weather without artificial heating, it will not take long to drink here;
  • are open. Do not have the advantages of open, what they lose, but they have their undeniable advantages, the most important of which is warmth and comfort. The tree will give a cozy atmosphere, even when the window is bad. The wind in such a gazebo is not terrible, but under the condition of warming and construction of the fireplace, such a gazebo can be used for its intended purpose even in winter.

Necessary care for a wooden gazebo

All natural, as a rule, has the property of quickly deteriorating as opposed to artificial. And this rule applies to the tree first. The material is rather “capricious”, requiring special attention and care, consisting in the following:

  • mandatory treatment with chemicals – fire retardants for fire resistance, resulting in the likelihood of fire wood is greatly reduced and antiseptic to avoid the possible development of fungus and other diseases. It should be taken into account, even if you bought an arbor and you were assured that all the necessary treatments had been made, such procedures should be repeated every 2-3 years;

  • foundation or waterproofing. A very important point that should be taken into account when installing a wooden gazebo is the presence of a foundation, if it is not possible to use a waterproofing in the form of a bitumen or other material coating. However, experts advise to prepare the foundation.

  • load. It should be understood that in the case of a “liquid” rafter system, and the whole frame during a hurricane or snowfall from your gazebo, there may be some debris left. Therefore, the frame should be made more durable, and the more it snows in the winter, the greater the need to do horse, making the surface area of ​​the roof and the angle of inclination increases, which ultimately will reduce the load on the skeleton.

Types of decor in wooden gazebos

The tree can not be better combined with greenery so in the case of an open gazebo around you can plant curly plants, a good option is the grapes. If the gazebo is closed, the flowers can be put inside in pots or set on the walls.

The pond with water lilies and lilies will look original and successful next to the pavilion, and if the fish dabbles in it, it will make even more impression on the guests on the arbor.

Inside the arbor, you need to choose the right furniture, but you should take into account the style, so as not to get a pun and bad taste. The main thing is not to go too far with furniture. Arbor – a practical place where every thing should bear practical importance.

Curtains on the windows, covers and rugs on chairs and benches can quickly give the gazebo the necessary direction. For example, by choosing textiles of blue tones, with elements of shells, fish, anchors and steering wheels, you can create an atmosphere of marine style.

Styles of arbors from a tree

The variety of styles of arbors is amazing. There are a lot of them and most of their names a simple philistine has not even heard, but for wooden arbors the following styles, or even groups of styles, will be more suitable:

  • classic. Strict, even lines and practicality are the main characteristics of this style. Classics are always in fashion. Such pavilions were popular with the Roman consuls 2000 years ago, they are still popular today among all sections of the population;
  • forest. Rough, uncouth wood, logs with bark will give an unforgettable sophistication to the gazebo and at the same time the comfort inside it. It should be noted that in recent years the demand for such pergolas steadily increasing due to their originality and piece number of goods, because two or more identical pavilions, the frame of which is made from the trunks of the trees could not find;
  • mediterranean. Here there are light pergolas and usual canopies;
  • country. This style is suitable only for wooden arbours. More precisely, the country style can be created exclusively from wood. Also this style has the name of a village one and here decorative elements predominantly of wood should play a huge role, although other materials are welcome – the only requirement – materials should be natural.

And in the end it should be said that with a serious approach to the choice of form and type, a wooden arbor will decorate any household plot, give joy and a mood to the owner and his guests.

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