Liquid wallpapers in the interior: photos and examples

When it’s time to make repairs, and you want it to become exclusive, and ordinary building materials do not inspire you in any way, then you should pay attention to liquid wallpaper. The most modern and unusual wallpaper – against the anguish and banality in the interior. They are original and worthy of interest, radically transform the appearance of your home. You can materialize any of your ideas, which will no doubt surprise your guests. This is especially true if the walls in your apartment are far from ideal. In this case, liquid wallpaper is what you need!

They consist of natural ingredients: the main component – paper, or rather, fibers of natural cellulose and cotton or silk; bonding component – glue CMC or acrylic dispersion; and, finally, an environmentally friendly water-based dye.

Traditionally, liquid wallpaper is packaged in plastic bags. The contents must be diluted in the specified amount of water.

Consider what good liquid wallpaper, what are their advantages over conventional wallpaper:

  • Careful alignment of walls and ceilings. This is one of the main advantages, because all the surfaces in our apartments leave much to be desired.
  • Economical. Due to the lack of seams and waste, all material is used in its entirety.
  • Wide application. Liquid wallpaper can be used for finishing in any room.
  • Comfort and ease of work. There is no dust and smell. A good surface quality does not require high qualification of the performer. It is applied without seams, simply closes the cracks between the wall and the skirting board or the window, the switch.
  • Plastic. Liquid wallpapers are convenient for finishing architectural delights – columns, bay windows, arches. Elasticity persists even after drying, which will not allow the finish to crack.
  • Sound and heat insulation is provided by a specific microporous structure of the wallpaper.
  • Antistatic. This is very important for the health of people living, especially allergy sufferers.
  • Moisture absorption. This coating is convenient for rooms with high humidity.

The spectrum of liquid wallpaper use is great. It is a bedroom and a nursery where ecology, warmth and comfort, a living room and a home cinema hall are needed, where noise insulation and room acoustics are required. And if you trim the ceiling in your bathroom with these wallpaper, then the mirrors will not fog up and the stuffiness disappears.

Liquid wallpaper is only for interior decoration. They have a large color spectrum, the composition contains processed silk and gold threads. Using all sorts of shades, really create a spectacular panel.

Tips for applying liquid wallpaper

The surface is cleaned from the old finish clean and dry. Then it is covered with oil paint. The mixture is prepared according to the instructions on the package. It is necessary to cover the entire wall with material from one batch. When making the batch on the second wall, use the residues from the first batch, then there will be no waste. A special plastic grater, the prepared mixture is applied to the surface and smoothed to the desired thickness.

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