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Ceiling fans serve to cool the air on hot days, create comfortable conditions in the room and ensure the well-being of the people in it. The peculiarity of ceiling fans is that they not only cool the room, but are also part of the interior, decorate the room and create a certain mood among those around. The arrangement of ceiling fans is simple – they have several rotating blades which, when the fan works, capture air, mix it and provide air movement, which creates a feeling of coolness and freshness. We feel the whiff of the wind, which can cool even on the hottest day. Ceiling fans can be used not only in summer, to cool rooms, but also in winter. If you change the direction of the blades, the air will move from the bottom up, the cold air masses mix with the more heated and the temperature in the room gradually level. In the summer, the motion of the blades is directed so that the air moves from top to bottom and blows those present with a light refreshing breeze.

If you need to high-quality illuminate the vast premises of offices, institutions, shopping malls, hotels, schools, universities, etc., then for this purpose you will perfectly suit LED lights.
Switching to LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to save energy and protect the environment. We offer to buy LED lamps of various shapes and modifications – recessed fixtures, for surface mounting, suspended LED panels, spotlights.
When designing or repairing rooms, lighting design plays an important role. If in your room you decide to use tension, suspended or plasterboard ceilings, then one of the best solutions for the built-in source of light will be a LED lamp from the company Bellson. Such a luminaire, with an angle of 180 ° light scattering, will provide a soft, even illumination of the foyer, corridor or office, where you decide to apply it. It completely lacks the effect of flickering, i.e. it does not cause a load on the eyesight, in other as well as the general health of a person, because it is made without the use of any harmful substances and is an absolutely environmentally friendly product. The elegant appearance of the luminaire in the “circle” and an incredibly thin body (only 15 mm.) Is able to supplement almost any interior, if you decide to install it in your home, for example, in the living room or bedroom, which allows you to safely embody a variety of design solutions for the arrangement own comfortable space. Another important feature of this luminaire is its high energy efficiency, which allows to significantly reduce lighting costs, especially when it concerns large retail areas and other large premises with the use of built-in luminaires. In addition, the high service life of such a luminaire for years will eliminate the issues of its replacement and maintenance and the associated additional costs.
Lighting is the second largest consumer of energy in any building. Buy LED lights – significantly save energy costs and meet environmental requirements. They do not contain mercury and ultraviolet radiation. The lack of heat, allocated by the lamps, can further save through the reduction of the use of air conditioning systems. LEDs are more durable than other lighting sources, they are resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibration. Operating temperature is -400 to +500.
They are used in office buildings, educational institutions, conference halls, warehouses, production areas, decorative lighting, airports, restaurants, nightclubs, billboards, banners, shop windows, etc.
Go to the energy-saving calculator to find out how much energy you can save by switching to LED lighting.
LED panels are an excellent source of light, have low operating costs, a service life of more than 10 years. Ideal for use in interior design of shopping centers, offices, hotels and homes.
In the modern world, when designing and designing rooms, not only the appearance of the situation plays an important role, but also the correct lighting, and in particular its energy efficiency. If you need to high-quality coverage of the vast premises of offices, institutions, shopping malls, hotels, schools, universities, etc., then for this purpose you will perfectly suit LED panels. Nowadays, they are increasingly used for lighting and interior design, like modern technology, combining low energy consumption, high light output and attractive appearance. They can significantly reduce electricity consumption and lighting maintenance costs, which is facilitated by a high ten-year life of the panels, which is especially noticeable when lighting large rooms, hotel corridors, foyers, halls or staircases of multi-storey buildings.
LED panels can be used for lighting residential premises: apartments, houses, cottages, cottages, etc. They do not contain mercury or other toxic substances, and therefore are absolutely safe to use at home.
Equipping your apartment or house with LED panels, you can safely embody the most interesting design solutions, because they are easily mounted not only in the ceiling, but also in the walls and always look modern and fashionable.

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