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Long gone are the times when the bathroom counter in the kitchen of a Russian was just a tribute to fashion. Nowadays, a brigand counter in the interior is a multifunctional home interior that allows you to become an alternative to a cumbersome dining table in a small kitchen, and effectively zonate space in a spacious kitchen-studio, highlighting the kitchen segment in the living room without cluttering the room. The kitchen bar is no longer associated with relaxed atmosphere, cocktails and parties. This is a concise and effective way to organize a place for short meals, and in some cases – the only opportunity to design a dining area within the kitchen. This is an additional surface for the implementation of working kitchen processes and an interesting design detail. The bar counter can either fit organically into the existing image of the room, or become its accent, the highlight of the interior.

In what kitchen is it appropriate to install a bar counter?

All the variations in the composition of the kitchen interior are not listed, but it is possible to highlight the main points that indicate the feasibility of equipping the kitchen with a bar counter (or its simplified counterparts). So, it makes sense to install a kitchen counter if:

  • your kitchen space of modest size should include a dining area. And for the installation of the table there is simply no place, there is also no possibility of organizing a dining room in a separate room;
  • the kitchen is a combined with the living room and the bar is not only a place for eating, but an element of zoning space;
  • you have space (separate or within a spacious kitchen) to install a dining table, but you need a surface for organizing short meals (breakfasts, coffee breaks, afternoon snacks). The presence of a bar counter eliminates the need to serve a large table in those times when there is not enough time for it;
  • you like the modern and interesting appearance of the bar, among your households there are no elderly people, or small children who would be difficult to sit on bruised chairs or stools.

If you decide to choose a kitchen design with a bar counter, then you have many opportunities to design, both the design itself and its additions. The bar counter can be as part of a finished furniture solution for the kitchen, and be the result of work done to order. Undoubtedly, designers recommend to make a bar rack according to your size and in accordance with the main design of the kitchen – so the design will become a harmonious part of the design of the kitchen. But among the ready-made solutions, you can find the best option, satisfying your requirements of quality performance, size and price category.

Bar counter – versions

If you still think that the brute rack is a rectangular table top, raised above the floor level by 100-115 cm, then you are only partially right. Variations in the execution of racks are weight, both in the choice of shape, the material of the countertop, and in relation to the rest of the furniture of the kitchen, in height and depth. The bar counter can be part of an island or a peninsula, it can be a stand-alone module or be made in the form of a conventional console on pedestals or be built into a kitchen set. The options are limited only by the imagination of the designer, the amount of free space in the kitchen and the financial capabilities of the hosts.

Bar counters are single- or multi-level. Its countertop can be a continuation of the surface of the island or peninsula or be an independent plane that is located a level higher or be integrated into the facade of the furniture module. The options vary depending on your preferences, the growth of the hosts and the execution of the kitchen furniture, with which the stand stands in the ensemble. It is important not only to correctly choose the dimensions of the structure, but also to take into account ergonomics, because finding the bar counter top should not only be convenient and comfortable, but also safe for health. In particular, these factors are important for those who organize the design of the bar counter as a dining surface.

The length of the countertop of the bar is 45-60 cm per person. Of course, in conditions of colossal space saving, this unspoken rule can be neglected, but a distance of less than 45 cm for every household (even a slender one) ceases to be comfortable and ergonomic.

The round bar bar is suitable for kitchens with a small margin of space. The advantage of this form is not only in the originality of the appearance, but also the possibility, if necessary, to add an additional seat without special losses in comfort.

Rack is part of an island or peninsula

One of the most common variants of the bar is the continuation of the countertop or the integration of the independent surface of the kitchen island or peninsula. The island is most often used in kitchen spaces of medium and large sizes, the peninsula is also suitable for kitchens with a modest area.

In addition to its obvious function (organizing places for meals, quick snacks or taking drinks), the bar counter in the kitchen studio can serve as an element of zoning. It can conventionally separate the kitchen segment from the dining room or the kitchen from the living room. In both cases, there is no need to resort to other zoning methods – furnishing plays a major role.

Bar counter as part of the kitchen unit

For a small area kitchen in which the installation of a full island or peninsula as a base for the organization of a bar counter is not possible, there is a way to organize a simple and concise version of the surface for meals. Prodlevaya kitchen tops in the linear or parallel layout of the furniture ensemble can get a small, but quite comfortable dining area.

Stand or console as an independent element of furniture

Another way to organize a small surface for meals is to embed the console between two vertical planes. These walls can be artificially created niche borders or initially be a feature of the geometry of the kitchen. In any case, for small rooms, this way of preserving the dining segment within the kitchen can be the only possible and optimal.

The bar counter, or rather the dining console, can be just a countertop, leaning on the floor or the cutting surfaces of the kitchen set. If there is not enough free space in the kitchen space, but there is the possibility of organizing a zone for meals at the window – this coincidence can not be missed. In particular, if a beautiful landscape opens outside the window. Stamina in square meters will not be so strongly felt if during a meal to look at the street where it is easiest to feel the space.

Material for counter tops

It should be noted immediately that there are no canons for choosing the material of the countertop for the kitchen counter. The surface can be made of the same material as all the countertops of the kitchen set or radically different. Even the performance stylistics can be different. The piquancy to the furniture ensemble will bring exactly the difference in the way of processing, the color decision or the choice of raw materials for the manufacture of the countertop of the counter and the kitchen island or peninsula.

For the manufacture of bar countertops, the following materials are widely used:

  • tree;
  • metal (most often stainless steel, rarely aluminum);
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • laminate;
  • natural or artificial stone;
  • ceramics.

Bar counter can be an excellent accent. For example, in the kitchen area, made in light colors, the dark countertop of the counter will be a contrast, attracting everyone’s attention. No less effect can be achieved by adding color solutions and texture features to the difference. Light glossy counter tops of the furniture set will be an excellent background for a bar stand made of dark wood or stone with a colorful natural pattern.

If you need a harmonious, quiet and even laconic version of the design of the entire kitchen sector, then use the same material for the countertop countertop as the rest of the cutting surfaces. Ideally – the countertop for food simply continues the working surface of the kitchen set.

In the kitchen space, decorated in country style, the table top made of solid wood will look more than appropriate. Some structural rusticism will be able to emphasize the features of stylistics, without jeopardizing the comfort zone for short meals (and in some cases – the only place for eating).

Laminated countertops can be presented in a wide range of color solutions. Under the glossy film, any pattern can hide – from the spectacular imitation of wood or stone to your family portrait. Of course, such an element of the interior is simply doomed to become a focal point, around which the entire design concept is built. To maintain harmony, it is better to use such a noticeable print countertop only in one place – on the bar counter.

Table top made of artificial or natural stone – “classic of the genre.” Such surfaces by their appearance add a degree of luxury to the entire kitchen interior. If you choose a stone (or its spectacular imitation) with an elongated natural pattern, it is better to use one rock for the countertops of the kitchen set or for the dining surface of the rack.

The glass top, raised above the main surface on the short pillars is lightweight and weightless. For a modern kitchen design style, such a finishing touch will be a luxurious point at the end of the sentence. Of course, hot glass of great thickness will not be expensive, but durability, durability and respectable appearance will more than pay for the costs.

Bar stools – finishing touch

Variations in the execution of bar stools or stools are numerous. They can be made of metal or wood, plastic or woven from a vine, rattan. Upholstery can be present both on the seats and on the backs of the structures. Footboards for comfortable leg arrangement, armrests, the possibility of adjusting the seat height and the angle of the backrest – the upgrade options for this traditional bar furniture piece. But in a residential space, the choice of a bar stool or stool model depends on the style of execution of the interior, the level of comfort that the owners need and their financial capabilities.

If your kitchen counter is a full-fledged dining table and a meal is spent a lot of time – bar stools should be as comfortable as possible. Not only a soft seat, but also the presence of a backrest (for some and armrests) is a prerequisite. But the comfort of staying in the kitchen space is a risky exercise for those who constantly sit on a diet and count calories. On comfortable chairs, you can sit outside the counter and eat more than you could saturate. As always, the “truth” somewhere in the middle – when choosing bar stools or stools, follow the habits and style of life of the household.

One of the universal options for bar stools in the kitchen, decorated in a modern style – designs with a metal (often chrome) frame and leather upholstery seats (and backs if the stand is designed for all types of meals). This practical and externally attractive ensemble will last a long time and will not cause trouble in cleaning the surfaces.

For traditional stylistics of kitchen design, the perfect companion of the bar is a set of wooden chairs with a backrest. Such models can have soft seats and backrests and slightly curved legs. The color solution for such bar stools can be sustained in the general outline of decorating the kitchen or become its bright accent.

If the kitchen area with a bar counter is part of a combined room in which there is a dining room and a living room, then the choice of bar stools and chairs for a dining group from one collection will be the best option for composing a harmonious image of the whole space. A single color solution and choice of material will help to balance the multi-functional interior, without depriving it of uniqueness, because the design of bar and dining chairs will differ.

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