Kitchen in gray tones – topical and practical design

For several seasons, the gray color holds the lead among the most popular color solutions for kitchen spaces. The love of designers for different shades of this, perhaps, the most neutral color, is easily explained by its versatility. To create a design of a kitchen premise in gray tones it is possible at any choice of a stylistic direction. Classical or modern, country or loft, high-tech or Provence – any style of the interior will harmoniously, practical and attractive look in a gray color palette, slightly diluted by other solutions of the spectrum. In this publication we will consider various options for using shades of gray in decoration, furnishing and decorating the kitchen space, its combination with other color solutions and of course we will present you an impressive selection of kitchen design projects designed for every taste and budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of gray color in the interior of the kitchen

Before deciding to use the gray palette in the design of the kitchen, you need to know at least a minimum of information about this light, its effect on the psychological state of a person, combinatorics with other color segments of the spectrum, pluses and minuses in terms of use in such a multifunctional room as a kitchen.

The advantages of using gray shades in the design of the kitchen space include the following:

  • gray color – neutral, it creates a favorable background for creating an interior, does not irritate the look even with a very long time in the room, can soothingly affect a person;
  • shades of gray are universal in terms of combining with other colors – every owner of the kitchen can create a bright accent on the gray background, without the help of the designer;
    almost all shades of gray are incredibly practical, and in the kitchen space, subject to a lot of different influences, the question of cleaning and cleaning surfaces is always relevant;
  • the gray palette is at the peak of popularity, having decorated the kitchen in shades of this scale, you can be assured of its relevance, modernity;
  • gray color is able to bring to the interior the notes of nobility, luxury and even chic – its silvery shades always look respectable and modern at the same time;
  • the gray palette can be used to decorate a kitchen of any size – for small rooms choosing light shades, in a spacious room, not limited to color solutions;
  • almost any style of the interior will look organic and attractive, if the main decisions will be selected shades of gray.

The drawbacks of the gray tone are few and most of them are easy to turn into pros:

  • the gray palette may seem boring and even gloomy, if you do not dilute it with solutions from other spectral groups – with a white tone, with bright accents;
  • If your kitchen of modest size has scanty natural light (one small window) and is located on the north side of the building, the choice of exceptionally gray shades for its decoration can lead to the creation of a not easy “cool” interior, but uncomfortable, uncomfortable for a long stay of the atmosphere of the room;
  • cool shades of gray (and there are many of them) must be diluted with the warmth of the natural pattern of wood – the resulting projects always look organic and attractive.

Gray in the finish of the kitchen

Gray color has many shades:

  • slate;
  • lead;
  • graphite;
  • smoky;
  • dusty;
  • tin;
  • silver;
  • steel;
  • color of wet asphalt;
  • merengo;
  • anthracite.

Any of these shades can be the basis for finishing the kitchen space. Experts recommend to choose light colors for the decoration of walls, and in dark colors emphasize those or other elements of the interior. For example, a snow-white ceiling that turns into a light-silver wall decoration meets with a floor tile of graphite color, and for the decoration of a kitchen apron you can use a metallized ceramic tile or mosaic that gives the whole interior gloss and chic.

Decorating the kitchen apron in gray color will not only be practical, but also accent, if the rest of the vertical surface design only acts as a background, for example, white. Matte or glossy surface of ceramics, gloss of metallized mosaic, classic tile “metro”, but in gray color – there are many options for the execution of an apron.

Dark gray color for the design of the floor covering – a successful move from the point of view of combination with light walls to visually increase the volume of the room. But from a practical point of view, it’s important not to make a mistake in the shade, otherwise even the dried drops from the water will be visible on the floor so clearly that you will have to do cleaning more often than in alternative flooring versions with a “tree” coating.

All shades of gray for kitchen furniture

Facades of a kitchen ensemble

From the color of the finishes and facades of the kitchen set the entire image of the room depends. Given that most of the area of ​​the kitchen is furnished, it is the tone of the facades that will create the mood, atmosphere and character of the entire interior. The gray kitchen ensemble is incredibly practical. At the same time, it can be made in an absolutely smooth, laconic version for a modern interior, so it is decorated with carvings, luxurious accessories in the baroque style for the classical image.

In order to visually increase the height of the room, it is sufficient to use a light tone of execution of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets and a darker, deeper shade for the lower one. As a companion gray color in this situation can come in a variety of shades of white – from white to white milk.

It is original, but at the same time the gray buffet in the kitchen space with a light furniture set will look harmonious. Gray color is not so bright as to become an accent, but in a light kitchen even a slight deviation from the white tone will allow the cupboard (or any other version of the cabinet) to become a focal point.

Gray countertops can be found in various segments of materials of execution of this interior – from natural stone to slabs with PVC film. If you use a natural material to perform such an important and loaded element from the point of view of mechanical and thermal influences, like a table top, it makes sense to make every effort to make even gray color an accent, attracted attention. To do this, it is enough to create a light background of decoration and perform a furniture ensemble in a contrasting version with a counter top.

Gray palette for kitchen island

Kitchen island in any interior is not deprived of attention – standing apart module always attracts looks. If this element differs in color from the kitchen set, then the role of the “star of design” is provided to it. Even in such a neutral color as gray, the uniqueness of the furnishings will be ensured.

The combination of gray shades with other colors

Gray, like other colors, has many shades. And yet, to execute the design of the kitchen space in exceptionally gray colors can only be done by great professionals. When combining shades of gray, you can achieve not only interesting, organic, but also modern solutions for the design of an important for any dwelling space – the kitchen.

Gray and white are ideal companions

If you take the first steps in the design of living spaces, if the repair of the kitchen is your debut, then the safest, but no less effective, you can justly consider a combination of gray with shades of white. Gray furniture set will look great against the background of snow-white walls. Perhaps, you will not surprise anyone with such design solutions, but create a design that is relevant for many years, in which not only each of the household members will feel comfortable, but also the guest of your home.

Combining white and gray shades to create a kitchen room decoration is no less successful solution. Snow-white ceiling, light gray walls with kipno-white skirting boards, perhaps moldings and even stucco – an excellent basis for creating a classic interior. For the modern style, you only need to present a more concise version without decor – this decoration will become a barely noticeable background for the main participant of the kitchen interior – the furniture ensemble.

We will bring a bright accent to the gray interior

Gray shades are the perfect background for creating bright accents. You can safely use any color as an accent spot, if the furnishings and furnishings of the kitchen are made in different shades of gray palette. This incredible advantage of gray color becomes the key criterion of choice for those who for the first time create the design of the kitchen space independently and are not sure of their abilities of a harmonious combination of colors.

The gray interior of the kitchen is an excellent opportunity to install a bright household appliance (most often made in retro style). A bright refrigerator or stove, food processor or toaster with a kettle will become the “stars of the program” in a neutral, gray interior.

The simplest and cheapest way to bring brightness to the gray interior is the use of textiles. Colored curtains or monophonic bright fabric blinds, authentic style tablecloth on the dining table or decorative cushions kitchen corner – for creating a color accent any method of using fabrics and print on them is suitable. No less effect can be achieved by bright upholstery of bar stools or elements of mini-chairs in the dining area.

Bringing brightness into the gray palette of the kitchen interior is a simple task. Enough bright bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit in the center of the dining table. If in your modest kitchen there is not a table for meals, then for sure there is a bar stand or peninsula, the console as a table top for short meals. Bright dishes will not only be a functional household item, but also an interior decoration if it is located in a neutral in color decoration of the kitchen.

Add the tree to the gray palette of the kitchen

Most shades of gray create a cool atmosphere of the room. For the introduction of warm notes, the surfaces made of wood or its spectacular imitation are excellent. Depending on whether you want the wooden interior elements to become accents or merge with the overall picture of the kitchen space, you can choose one or another version of the natural pattern – from light pine to dark wenge.

Gray color with a shine of the chromeplated details of home appliances in aggregate is capable to create cool enough and even a little repulsive image of a premise. To mitigate the “gray” interior, the easiest way to use wood as a floor covering, no less effect can be achieved when using wood for the execution of a dining group – a table and chairs or small armchairs. A wooden frame of bar stools or even kitchen countertops – for the introduction of natural heat into the gray design of the kitchen there are many options.

Dilute the gray tone in the decoration and furnishing of the kitchen space will help wooden doors matched to the color of the floor covering. In case your kitchen has more than one door (usually in private houses make a way out of the kitchen space to the living rooms and the backyard or the pantry), the effect will intensify, bringing not just a variety in the gray interior, but becoming a harmonious ensemble.

Varied color palette in the gray design will help any items of furniture from wood – from one of the tiers of kitchen cabinets to the island or peninsula. Obviously, against the background of the gray interior, such elements instantly become accents, standing out, attracting attention.

Wicker elements of the interior, of course, can not be called wooden, but vegetable origin and the ability to bring to the interior the natural warmth, akin to the vine and rattan with wood. Wicker chairs or elements of chairs (bar stools), serving rugs and even lampshades lavishly look on the gray background of the kitchen interior.

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