Kitchen design 2018 – photo of modern ideas

Is overhauled or showering a little refreshing the interior of your favorite cuisine? Do not miss your chance to become a happy owner of a trendy interior! After all, trends are not just fashion. This is the work of leading designers from around the world who are trying to make your life better and more comfortable!
All about kitchen design in 2018 and photos of the most modern ideas especially for you in our article.
Still some ten-twenty years ago the kitchen was a purely functional space, which they tried to hide away from the eyes. Today, understanding the purpose of the kitchen has changed dramatically! Now this is a beautiful, stylish, fashionable space in which people start their day in the morning and finish in the evening! And that’s what will become a fashionable chip in your kitchen in 2018.

Kitchen design 2018: choose furniture

Wooden benches

Everything new is a well-forgotten old

Benches in the kitchen were in vogue in the eighties and now they are back on the wave! Modest, restrained, not overloaded with details and decorative cushions cluttering the space. Instead of traditional “corners” put two ordinary benches against each other or one along the wall.

Afraid that there is not enough room for the whole family? Add chairs! This combination is one of the main furniture trends in the kitchen in 2018. Especially cool look sofas and benches in the niche. It can be created artificially, with the help of a narrow cabinet-pencil case.

Headsets of dark color

The snow queen is no longer over the kitchens

In recent years, there was too much white. White kitchens, white bedrooms, white living rooms. It’s boring, is not it? And even extremely impractical. Manufacturers of kitchen sets in 2018 fill their creations with colors!

In a literal sense. And this time we are left with the right to choose: succulent, bright, warm kitchens or deep, dark, cold. Moreover, it is not necessary to give preference to only one shade: in a fashionable kitchen set, there may be several of them at once!

And what kind of cuisine do you like? Share your tastes with us in the comments.


Remove the top!

Do you feel the pressure of pressing space? Well, designers are also familiar. So they decided to save the kitchen from … the top line of the cupboards. Why? So there is more free space. It is easier to get all the essentials. It’s stylish and unusual. Too bold? But it essentially allows you to save on the headset! Adapt the trend for yourself: leave open shelves or separate sections of the top line.

Modern kitchen design ideas

Full immersion

In fashion, built-in sinks

Yes, it’s expensive. But how amazing it looks! Built-in washbasins are made of the same material as the countertop. Most often it is marble, artificial stone or concrete.

A cool notion, instantly popular, was the replacement of the second shell with a narrower chute that can be used to cool oysters, champagne and fresh herbs, or simply as an extra sink during cooking.

Black as pitch

New fashionable color for important details in the kitchen

Important functional details and part-time decorative elements of the kitchen are mixers and lamps. In 2017, the fashion was brass. In 2018 she was replaced by a universal black. Accents of black stunning color fit into any style of interior design.

Hidden Help

And let no one know

At the dawn of the emergence of modern models of household appliances it was prestigious to demonstrate its availability. Today, do not surprise anyone with a hood or a separate oven. On the contrary, the stunningly stylish kitchen will be perceived as one in which there is not even a hint of the presence of Mahin-assistants.

Take a look at these photos!

Do you see a microwave, a coffee machine, a hood on them? And we do not. But we know for sure that they are there.

Veto on the islands

Views on the layout have changed dramatically

Do you have a lot of space in the kitchen? Perfectly! There is where the fancy designer fancy! In the past year, experts and professionals of his case recommended to equip the functional kitchens in a large kitchen. They were supposed to be massive, capacious, bulky. Today, the island’s pride of place in the center of the kitchen is fashionable to give away to a spacious dining table for the whole family.

The most fashionable in 2018 will be considered the P-layout of the kitchen. A kitchen set in a U-shaped layout does not have to be integral, separate sections and modules are entirely acceptable. The main task is to make the kitchen comfortable.

Fount of vitamins

Both beautiful and useful decor

Phytomodules and phytostenes have not been news for a long time. But in 2018 they finally conquered the kitchens. What is their fundamental difference from their counterparts in other rooms? Phytomodules in the kitchen are not just useless decor, but a full-fledged vertical garden with herbs! Yes, you did not seem to!

A deposit of vitamins will be on your table (or rather on the wall) all year round! And this is a really fantastic trend.

Novelties and fashion materials

The Magnificent Marble

A trend that highlights your status

Chic and shine long ago ceased to be signs of wealth, exquisite taste and exclusivity. The larkiness of the interior is more annoying than it gives you out of the crowd of mass production. Quite another matter is the minimalism in detail and the fullest in materials. In 2018, the cult material for decorating the kitchen was marble. And it should be used not just tiny islets in the form of table-tops or aprons, but fully, scale, majestically. So that everyone who entered the kitchen could fully appreciate the delightfulness of this stone.

Harmonious tree

Be closer to nature!

Laconic shaker-kitchens will be relevant if not always, then for quite a long time. But admit it honestly: we are all tired of the excessive simplicity and practicality in the kitchen. I want something special, non-standard, different. And in 2018 it became really possible thanks to the stunning wood drawings of the finest veneer!

Underground concrete

For those who are against the system

Concrete has always been a building material, but certainly not decorative. And this is his charm! It is so organically and unexpectedly looks in any style, which makes it “new black” among the finishing materials. The most common options for the use of concrete in the interior of the kitchen are: countertop, apron, kitchen island base, wall lining.

What is called, experiment, I do not want!

Square ceramics

Briefly about the tile

Well, since we started talking about kitchen aprons, we should immediately say that the tile for these purposes will never go out of fashion! The question is, which one. The most fashionable tile for finishing the kitchen apron in 2018 will be: square, bright, ceramic, man-made. That is the absolute opposite of last year’s sleek snow-white aprons of last year! Square tiles can be used not only to create a kitchen apron, but also to decorate the walls. However, due to the peculiarities of its shape, too obsessive and frequent drawing is created on the walls. Therefore, if you chose this option, try to use at least two types of decoration for the walls in the kitchen.

The Venetian Terrazzo

Magnificence, proven by centuries

In our article Design Apartment 2018: photos of modern ideas, we have already talked about the fact that the Venetian terrazzo became the most actual trend among floor coverings. But who said that it is necessary to limit its use exclusively to the sex? Take a look at how delicious the kitchen will look if you give vent to your imagination and do not limit yourself to frames!

And what is the trend of 2018 in the design of the kitchen you consider the most interesting? Is there an idea that you are ready to implement in your kitchen tomorrow? And maybe something you found absolutely unacceptable? Tell us in the comments!

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