Interior of the room with photo wallpapers

When you want to bring in the interior of the room, individuality and novelty, then in this case, an excellent choice will be the decoration of walls with photo wallpapers. To date, with the help of modern technologies, original designs of photo wallpapers are being developed, which will create a huge number of options for smart and high-quality solutions. The ability to produce wallpaper by order of the buyer, extends the creative possibilities to change the interior of the room.

Abandoning the old-fashioned stereotypes of thinking that wallpapers are old and not trendy decor, it is possible to make a highlight in your home. For example, modern manufacturers have the opportunity to put on your wall-paper your favorite photo, portrait or favorite place. It will constantly remind the owner of the wonderful moments of life, immersing in pleasant memories.

Mural can be glued to any room – bedroom, kitchen, hallway or living room, the bathroom well will join a waterfall on the wall or some landscape. The perfect solution to coordinate the room in a coordinated manner is the wallpapering of exotic style. These can be drawings with space themes, various abstractions or tropics. Pleases a wide selection of wallpaper with oriental color and Egyptian themes. A simulation on the Mural masonry, marble stone or tree will go well with the other elements of the interior, and the price of such wallpaper is much lower than the simulated material.

In the production of photo wallpapers, high-quality, large-format digital printing is used, which will allow the wallpaper to last about fifteen years. Modern equipment makes it possible to apply the image on vinyl, non-woven, paper wallpaper, as well as synthetic fabrics. It is worth mentioning separately the use of synthetic fabrics as wallpapers, which have high strength and are very beautiful. In addition, they are laminated, which increases their resistance to direct sunlight.

The use of photo wallpapers is not limited to sticking to the ceiling and walls, a little fantasy you can paste them on the door or update the old furniture. Glue wallpapers, almost the same technology as the usual, and large drawings are collected from individual plot parts. At the junctions, you must be as careful and accurate as possible so that you can not see them.

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