How to update an old refrigerator: 8 cool ways for a different interior

Your refrigerator is already 10 or even 20 years old? You do not want to change it because of impeccable work, and you do not have extra money yet? But do you want to revive the interior of the kitchen with something bright and unusual?

There are options – there are inexpensive and interesting ways to upgrade the old refrigerator, which we will tell you today. Look for inspiration gallery of ideas and read below how to do it at home.


Perhaps the easiest way to decorate an old and years old battered refrigerator. Stickers can be on any subject, different sizes, colors and textures. Want a funny face – please, a pot-bellied cook – no problem, funny cat with fish – wonderful.

You just need to buy a sticker in the store and decorate the facade of the refrigerator with it. Do not forget that stickers are better to choose, based on the overall style of the kitchen. So, for example, the style of modernism is suitable for an image with a city or a face, provence and country – flower motifs, high-flow – geometric drawings.

Just remember that stickers can only be used on flat and flat surfaces, so very old and pot-bellied refrigerators such a way of decoration does not fit. But you can try it, only the label will lie unevenly with defects – this does not add to the old fridge of attractiveness.


You can paint anything you like. The refrigerator is no exception. Choose a color (bright too, because at any time you can repaint it again), thoroughly wash the surface, remove or cover the handles with adhesive tape, sand a little. All – you can start painting, but patience will have to stock up.

The color of the refrigerator is made by a roller, keeping the thinness of the layer. After the first layer, the refrigerator will not look the best, so that it becomes the main bright spot of the kitchen – it is painted 5-7 times. The procedure can take up to 10 hours … Long, we understand, but the result is worth it.

Staining with aerosol paints also takes place. The palette is wide, dry quite quickly, it is applied easily. That the paint has laid down exactly, degrease the surface of the refrigerator, do not forget to protect surrounding objects from splashes with the help of old newspapers. If you can draw, you can reproduce on the door of the refrigerator original graffiti or apply a pattern with a stencil.


When there is no time and money for the upgrade, color scotch is in use. Actually everything is easy, simple, unobtrusive and there is no hint of the possibility to spoil the refrigerator with its inept hands. Patterns of colored scotch can be created any: Aztec, marine, geometric, abstract. It will be bright and stylish, we promise.


It will be expensive, do not flatter yourself, but the result is simply cosmic. To make such registration is possible only for a professional – do not even try, spoil the refrigerator.

You can create any drawing and print – animals, a picture of a great artist, a landscape, a night city, symbols of some country, cartoon characters.


If you have a wooden kitchen set, and a classic white refrigerator spoils the whole atmosphere with its icy look, it can be stylized as a tree. Imitate the tree will help you texture wallpaper with a vertical texture. On the contour of the door of the refrigerator, glue the plywood pads, paint them under the color of the cabinets.

Attach to the refrigerator handles painted with metallized paint. Another option for styling a refrigerator under a tree is a self-adhesive film with an appropriate texture.


They can be monophonic and patterned, glossy and matte. Self-adhesive is suitable for a refrigerator with visible defects on the surface, such as scratches, scrapes and cracks. Self-adhesive foam is well cleaned, durable and stylish to allow you to update the surface.


The decor is good magnetic board, which will perform not only a decorative, but also a practical role. With its help, you can communicate with the household, leaving tasks for the day or planning a menu.

You can also draw funny pictures, leave funny messages, declarations of love, thereby giving a holiday to the household.


Fashionable now technique decoupage, applied everywhere, where not laziness. Choose the pattern that you want to see on your refrigerator, cut it neatly along the contour. Carefully separate one layer by removing the pattern. Apply glue on the colored part and attach the pattern to the surface of the case, not forgetting to smooth the irregularities and creases. Wait for drying and cover the refrigerator with varnish. The refrigerator in the technique of decoupage will look very creative and this is exactly how anyone will not.

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