Handles for kitchen furniture: design, materials, advice on choice

It would seem that a significant role can play a small part in the overall interior design … It turns out, even as they can! If we talk about kitchen furniture, then the handles are a spectacular finishing touch of the interior, which emphasizes the perfection of style.

The choice of kitchen accessories is a fascinating, but very responsible. In an abundance of models, manufacturers, designs, at times, it is not easy to understand. Today we will try to lay out all the main aspects with bright examples on the photos.


For the manufacture of the most durable and durable kitchen knobs use metals of various alloys. To find out what kind of metal is used, you can look at the product labeling:

  • Zamak – an alloy of magnesium, copper, zinc and aluminum;
  • Znal is an alloy of aluminum and zinc.

To reduce the price of a rather expensive metal fittings, manufacturers apply a coating that simulates metal. Thus, affordable and high-quality products are obtained from copper, bronze, silver, gold, chromium, brass, nickel. However, it is important to know the method of coating:

  • galvanic – a metal hyperfine film, which is applied by electroplating. It gives the handles an aesthetic look, increases wear resistance and reliably protects against corrosion;
  • spraying is a cheap paint coating that looks beautiful, but will not last long, especially in conditions of temperature drop and high humidity.
  • handles made of light plastic, wood, glass, acrylic, leather are equally effective and will last for a very long time. But keep in mind that facades with non-metallic handles should be better located away from the oven and grill. Leather, wood and plastic products do not tolerate heat.

Size also matters

Small handles with fastening on a single screw are not always practical, they are more often used for lockers with a small load. It is better to give preference to large assistants with fasteners in several places – they are much more reliable and stronger.

The most popular types of pens for kitchen furniture

Before choosing this or that type of pens, it is worth analyzing several factors: color, style, kitchen functionality, and your own finances. What are the most popular pens today?

Staples are one of the most practical options. Laconic, stylish staples, thanks to its convex shape, are incredibly easy to use. Such universal products will look organic in any design of the kitchen. The big advantage is the strengthened fastening on screws thanks to what handles very reliable, strong and durable.

Railings – such accessories in the form of a thin straight crossbar in the form of a bar or cylinder is elegant, convenient and simple. On the sides there is a pair of bracket holders. Railings – the best option for such styles as minimalism, high-tech, modern, loft. Thanks to reliable holders such handles are very durable, they are irreplaceable for aluminum or plastic facades.

Rings – a fairly massive accessories, belongs to the category of prestigious, elite. In the interior of the handle-rings look very imposing and noble. They will be an ideal accompaniment to classical wooden facades, perfectly fit into the elegant style of rococo and baroque. But with these handles you need to handle extremely carefully, especially when operating the doors, so as not to damage the wood facades.

Built-in handles. If your kitchen set is decorated with carving or other details, conventional handles can overload the design. In this situation, the best solution will be mortise handles. They are completely invisible against the general background, because in the manufacture of such handles merge with the plane of the facade.

The original built-in knobs are difficult to install, so this extraordinary accessories are found in ready-made headsets.

Buttons are small handles that are attached to the facades with a small foot. Several old-fashioned designs look favorably in country styles, retro, provence, ethno, Mediterranean. You can pick up original ceramic or plastic products with a corrugated, smooth surface, convex or flat, square, oval or round, in the form of shells, droplets and even marine creatures.

Sensory handles – trendy accessories equipped with LEDs. Touching these pens, you will get a soft, refined glow. Such design will fill the kitchen with a magical mysterious atmosphere. Lighting can be different – from the facade, touching the adjacent sides, and inside, emphasizing the extraordinary beauty of the modern kitchen interior.

There are also options for kitchen accessories that will bring a touch of luxury to the interior. To create a unique rich design, the most real art works are created – kitchen knobs with Swarovski pastes. Precious elements are ideal for a room in a classic design, with painted laconic facades.

Elegant bends carved handles – all the same classic, charming beauty and elegance which you can admire endlessly …

Summing up all the above, I would like to note a few “golden” rules for choosing such a significant detail in kitchen furniture, like pens:

  • security. No chips, sharp corners, and other defects. This is especially true for families with children;
  • convenience. This aspect is more relevant to rails and handles-staples. The best option is when the entire palm passes freely under the fittings. When buying pens on the Internet, pay attention to the center-to-center distance. The most comfortable is 95-125 mm.
  • combination. All handles are false to be made of the same material. The proximity of glossy and matte hardware will look, at least tasteless and ridiculous.

When decorating any interior, do not forget to pay due attention to detail, because they can play a key role in creating a stylish and exquisite design.

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