Green wallpaper in the interior

One of the first and most complex dilemmas that one has to decide when choosing an interior design of a dwelling is the optimal solution in the color scheme. In this publication, we would like to consider in detail the options for the design of various rooms using wallpapers in green tones. As is known, each color is capable in its own way to influence our psycho-emotional state, to create a unique atmosphere, to influence the visual perception of space. We hope that a large-scale selection of design projects of rooms with various functional loads, decorated in various shades of green, will help you find your ideal wallpaper in green tones for your own home.

Features of green and its shades

Specialists in coloring argue that green color has a favorable effect on the human psyche, depending on the shade, it is able to relax or charge positive energy. But you can safely say that almost all shades of green color can make any interior closer to nature, creating an exclusive image, a very special atmosphere.


The assortment of modern wallpaper shops is capable to amaze with the variety. Variants of monophonic wallpaper and canvases with a print in green tones are weighty, and there is a great chance of finding your own, the most suitable material for finishing a particular room in your own home.


Let us dwell in more detail on the main variants of green color, which are most often used in modern design projects:

Green wallpaper of dark shades – the most traditional version of the finish. The classic interior takes on a special depth and sophistication with wallpaper in dark colors. Connoisseurs of silence, harmony, tranquility and exquisite luxury surround themselves with a setting using deep green shades. For baroque styles, classicism and neo-classical it is logical to use the shades of green present in the following stones:

  • malachite;
  • emerald;
  • tourmaline.


Light green wallpaper is the most versatile version of the finish, which can be used both in the bedroom or the spacious kitchen, and in utilitarian rooms (hallways, bathrooms, corridors and bathrooms). Practically for any stylistic direction, you can choose your light shade of green, which will not only look harmonious as a complete or partial decoration of the walls, but will also be its decoration, a highlight.


Pale green wallpaper, canvas in pastel colors of green, mint color will look organic even in small rooms. The country style, Provence, cheek chic and romantic are easily formed around pastel shades of green as the decoration of walls and even the ceiling. In combination with white color, pale green makes it possible to create light, airy images of rooms even with a very modest quadrature.


Bright wallpapers of saturated shades of green are best used as a material for creating accent surfaces. In interiors created in a modern style, high-tech, avant-garde, art deco or pop art bright, green, turquoise or malachite wallpaper will look not only appropriate, but also organic. Depending on the environment and decoration materials for combining, you can use both monophonic wallpaper and canvases with colorful, large print (it is important only to monitor the dosage of colorful wall decoration).


But the choice of wallpaper for finishing surfaces will depend not only on the stylistic direction that has become the basis for decorating the room, but also on the following features of the room itself:

  • the size and shape of the room, the number and scale of window openings (the smaller the room, the less natural light it penetrates, the lighter it is to choose the shades of green wallpaper);
  • location of the room with respect to the sides of the world (for a room on the south side, with active natural lighting, you can choose cold shades of green, for northern location it is better to prefer tones with warm energy – predominance of yellow shades, ocher, olive and even khaki);
  • functional purpose of the room (not only the tone, but also the pattern on the canvases will depend on the functional features of the room – children’s or bedroom, living room or kitchen – you can find your ideal color scheme for each space);
  • the location of the room in relation to other rooms (mostly refers to adjacent rooms, studios, combined spaces, where the partitions between the zones are completely absent or only partially overlap the space).


The combination of green wallpaper with other colors of the decoration of the premises

It is not enough to choose a good wallpaper pattern or the right shade of monophonic canvas. It is important to take into account combinatorics of wall finishing with other color solutions of the interior. We are talking about the choice of colors for the decoration of the ceiling and the floor, the basic color solutions for furnishings and even decorative elements that are impressive in size.


White and green – a universal union

One of the most popular options for combining colors in the interior with the use of green wallpaper – different shades of white. This universal tandem allows you to create light, positive and fresh images of premises for a variety of purposes. Snow white ceiling, green pattern on a light background of wallpaper – an excellent combination, a pleasant look and positive in its energy. To complete the decoration can be snow-white skirting boards, moldings.


Green – accent in the interior

With the help of bright, colorful paintings in green tones, it is possible to design accent walls in various rooms – bedrooms, living rooms, offices and children’s rooms. If the room is of a modest size, do not use bright wallpaper to decorate all vertical surfaces, one wall will be enough to create a positive atmosphere, a festive mood of the entire interior. As accents can act as monophonic wallpaper …


And paintings with a picture, large and bright …


Green color wallpaper can be used to make panels and inserts framed by moldings. This combination is especially advantageous if expensive wallpapers are selected for emphasis – embossed, textile or metallized.

Green and brown shades

Nothing so brings us closer to nature and does not make the interior pleasant to look like a combination of green, white and brown. All the shades that we can meet in nature, will look organically in the interior of various rooms. It is important only to take into account the depth and brightness of colors, depending on the size and level of illumination of spaces. The snow-white ceiling and edging of window and door openings, greenish wall decoration, natural wood pattern as a floor covering and the material of the basic furnishing are ideal for a bedroom, living room, study, dining room or children’s room.


Shades of green and gray in modern design

Gray color is not in vain called the most neutral. Its various shades can be organically combined with green color, creating a pleasant look, a neutral picture of the room that is physically neutral. In modern style, high-tech, minimalism, modern and art-deco, gray-green combinations are the most relevant.


Solid wallpaper or with a picture?

In modern design projects, you can find the use of both monophonic and printed paintings in green tones for the decoration of walls. It all depends on the chosen style, the size of the room and your personal preferences. In modern, minimalist projects, one can often find the use of monochrome paintings of saturated color, used as an accent of the interior.


If we talk about popular print options for decorating modern premises, then there are no clear boundaries – vegetative, geometric, abstract pattern are in demand equally actively. Obvious trends can be identified only in the design of children’s rooms – bright, clear pictures, stencilled images of animals and birds, heroes of fairy tales or cartoons, recognizable silhouettes and prints.


It often happens that it is the wallpaper with a large or bright pattern in green tones dictating the whole concept of decorating the room. It is with the purchase of colorful paintings that the creation of the whole image of the room begins.


Examples of rooms for different purposes


Experts argue that the green color, depending on the chosen shade, can both soothe our emotions before going to sleep, and awaken positive energy in the morning. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose the option of wallpaper for finishing all the walls or one accent surface.


In the bedrooms, the accent is most often chosen to be the wall behind the head of the bed. In this case, the image of the room will not be boring, trivial, but the very bright decoration of one wall will not be distracted when relaxing at the end of the day and preparing for bed.


Living room

For the living room, decorated in the style of country, Provence or cheby chic, you can use wallpaper in a white-green cage or strip. The depth of the shade of green will depend on the size of the room, the number and parameters of the window openings, and thus the level of illumination.

The combination of monophonic wallpaper and paintings with a picture within a single room can also look spectacular, nontrivial. Cloths with a print can be used to glue the accent wall, decorate segments on surfaces or trim the back wall of shelves, bookcases with glass doors.

Children’s room and a room for a teenager

Green color has a beneficial effect on the child’s psyche. Pale green shades can “calm” the hyperactive baby, and bright, saturated colors as an accent – to awaken creative energy, create a message for activity. In combination with furniture from natural wood, snow-white ceiling and bright color inclusions in the form of textiles or toys, the green color for wall decoration will be more than appropriate.


To light-green shades, diluted with white color, you need to add brightness. Pink, crimson, fuchsia color will be appropriate in the color scheme of the room for the girl.


No less effect can be achieved by creating an accent with different shades of blue on a background of a white-green palette in light colors.


Kitchen and dining room

Experts argue that the green color in the finish of the kitchen or the dining room has a neutral effect on our appetite. Unlike red and orange tones, which arouse appetite and all shades of blue, suppressing the desire to consume large portions, green color favorably affects digestion, charges with positive energy and gives a touch of closeness to nature during meals. Therefore, the shades of green can be used both for metered use in decoration – for example, for decorating a kitchen apron, and for gluing all the walls that are not occupied by a furniture set.



Using wallpaper of any color in the working areas of the bathroom is not the best way to create a reliable finish, even if moisture resistant materials are used. But the gluing of bathrooms, toilets and spacious bathrooms in areas where water will rarely or does not penetrate at all is a great idea if green colors are used.


Green shades in the decoration of the walls are perfectly combined with snow-white plumbing. A fresh, relaxing and non-trivial image of the bathroom will create an ideal atmosphere not only for the adoption of various water and sanitation procedures, but also for appeasement and rest at the end of the day and raising the tone, a charge of optimism at its beginning.

Auxiliary facilities

In the hallways, corridors, spaces near the stairs and other auxiliary rooms, the combination of wallpaper in green tones with light panels looks beautiful. In this case, the choice of panel height will depend on what visual effect you want to create – in some cases it is necessary to visually increase the height of modest premises, while in others it is necessary to emphasize the scale of the home.


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