Garden swings: choose a practical and beautiful option

At a dacha or homestead plot, in a garden or a country house, swings have become not just a whim or a luxury, but an indispensable element of improvement. In addition, garden (country) swings – one of the most simple and inexpensive ways to make a vacation in the fresh air as comfortable as possible. In the cottage or on the terrace, in a gazebo or under a canopy, on the site or just near your favorite large tree – the swings have become an important part of the organization of recreation and leisure in nature. If there is a demand, the offer will not take long. Manufacturers offer us a wide range of garden swings of various modifications. Different material of performance, dimensions, method of attachment, design and comfort level dictate and a wide spread of prices for such a popular object of arrangement of the suburban area or the home territory of a country house. Summer swings have become a difficult part of landscape design, but also its decoration.

A variety of models of country swings

The garden swing has many variations of performance, they can differ according to the following criteria:

  • material of the carcass and seat (metal, wood, plastic, vine or rattan);
  • way fastening (hanging or freestanding swings, hammocks and rocking chairs);
    color execution;
  • the level of comfort (the presence of soft seating, attendant accessories – armrests, soft back);
  • style of performance (modern, country, beach, traditional);
  • the dimensions of the product and the maximum permissible weight (not only dimensions, but also the type of construction, the material of the carcass design, the anchorages and the seat itself affect the permissible limit by weight);
  • the possibility of year-round use or installation exclusively in the premises (the effect is provided only by the material of the design elements).

Separately standing garden swings

This section includes all self-sufficient models that do not need additional supports and suspensions. Such swings can be installed in any convenient place and transported if necessary. It is mobility that is most often the key criterion in choosing a model of garden swings for many owners of country houses and country houses. The swing, which does not require suspension supports, can be installed in the open area for the summer, and for the rest of the time can be hidden under a canopy or in a garage (shed).

If for the winter to transfer portable swings on a glass veranda or covered terrace, you can please yourself and the household with a slight wiggle in a comfortable atmosphere even in the cold season. Most often, to improve the comfort of such a swing, the owners use soft removable mattresses and pillows. Covers for such soft elements swing are often removable and easy to wash in a washing machine. Soft parts often come complete with swings, but can also be purchased separately, if the model does not provide for them.

Modern models of freestanding swings most often have a visor, a small tent or any other variant of the roof above the seat. This design allows you to protect those sitting on a swing from the hot summer sun or light rain. Many models are improved with various accessories and additions – comfortable armrests with holes for the installation of a glass or a cup of tea, the mosquito net included in the kit allows you to be on a swing in the evening when the presence of insects in the cottage area is particularly noticeable and unpleasant (such models are purchased by homeowners with young children ).

Wooden garden swings that do not require additional supports are very popular recently. The natural material of the design most organically fits into the surrounding picture of the garden or country plot, the landscape design of the private courtyard.

Wooden swing looks luxurious, but also requires more care to care for them than usual (in comparison with metal or plastic analogs). As a rule, manufacturers before sending wooden models for sale, impregnate products with special antiseptics and varnish to prevent rotting of the material and the formation of fungus. But during the operation you will need to “refresh” the impregnation and coating. The frequency of use of antiseptics will depend on the species of wood. Usually, the instructions for the product have all the necessary care information, but more often than once in 1.5-2 years you will not need to take any action to care for the product.

And yet wooden products are recommended to clean for the winter in a dry and well ventilated room. Such an approach will help not only to preserve the initial appearance of the swing for many years, but also to significantly reduce the frequency of use of antiseptic sprays and varnishes for coating wooden surfaces.

The original wooden swing, the frame or all elements of which are made of logs, perfectly fit the ensemble of a country house or country house, made in the style of country.

Suspended structures

The most simple and memorable for many of us still on the children’s impressions of rest in the country or in a private courtyard is the swing version – a hanging design that was attached to a tree branch or any crossbar. Modern landscape design is multifaceted, you can hang the most usual swings, consisting only of a seat to an arch or pergola, if they are already available on your garden plot.

A more advanced version of the hanging swing has a backrest, often equipped with armrests, soft removable mattresses for the seat. On such a swing, you can stay in a comfortable and comfortable position for a long time, read books, talk, or simply enjoy the surrounding view, the purity of the country air.

Suspend such models can be on strong ropes or metal chains. Both options are quite reliable and the choice of a particular attachment will depend more on your personal preferences. Obi variations require the installation of special hooks in the overlap of the canopy or the roof of the terrace, and already they will be fastened with ropes or chains.

Chains for garden swings are made of stainless metals that do not require painting. But to make sure that the mobile parts of the structure were lubricated while using the swing, it is necessary for the owners of the site or the country house. Also, before using the hanging swings before the beginning of a new warm season, it is necessary to check the fastening elements not only of the roof, but also of the seat.

Suspended swings on ropes are not recommended to use without a canopy or roof over them. The ropes, though saturated with a special compound that helps the material resist rotting, but its effect is not infinite. Suspended constructions on ropes are perfect for location on terraces, gazebos with a solid roof or under awnings.

Seats and backrests in suspended models can be made of wood, metal, plastic or be a braided element from a vine or rattan. Each of the variants of the material has different advantages and disadvantages. For example, a plastic seat significantly reduces the cost of the whole product, it is not affected by moisture and other weather phenomena, it is incredibly easy to take care of. But plastic products do not have high strength and durability, are susceptible to all kinds of mechanical influences, at a low temperature they can simply crack.

Wicker seats, more like comfortable sofas look very colorful, especially if your terrace in addition to the swing is equipped with garden furniture from a similar material and in a similar design. Most often, these models are made of artificial rattan, because the natural material is expensive, and the analog made from a vine is not durable.

Popular oval-shaped swinging swings made of natural or artificial rattan were used to arrange a rest zone not only in the country houses, but also outside the premises. Suspend similar models on the verandas, terraces and under the awnings of the patio.

Alternative to swings

Alternative options for installing the swing can be called hanging a hammock or installing rocking chairs. Of course, it is not possible to fully compensate for the lack of a swing hammock, designed to rest more in a prone position, but for many owners of country houses and suburban areas this way of rest is a priority. The hammock is inexpensive, it is easy to hang between two trees, poles or any other stable and sturdy supports. You can wash the hammock in the washing machine and clean it for the time of rains and frosts, keeping the original “commodity” look for a long time. And yet, a hammock is a resting place for one person, while a swing (depending on the size) can accommodate several people.

Rocking chairs installed on an open terrace, under a canopy or in a gazebo are an excellent opportunity not only to organize a place of rest and relaxation in the open air, but also to create the most comfortable environment in the country or homestead area.

Selecting the location of the garden swing

Where to install or suspend a swing in the garden or garden? You need to answer this question before buying the product itself. After all, from the possibilities of your site, the presence or absence of buildings, additional elements of landscape design and the presence of large trees with a spreading crown, the choice of the installation site or suspension of the garden swing depends.

Separately standing swings that do not require additional supports can theoretically be installed in any place convenient for the site owners. But such an approach is possible only in theory, in practice it will be necessary to decide who and for what purpose will use the swing. If children swing in the country swings, the installation of the product on an asphalted or paved stone (brick) site is not the best option from the point of view of safety in case of possible falls. If on a swing adults will sit (and more often not alone), i.e. The weight of the construction with the users “on board” will be much larger, it is better to resort to installation on a hard surface. Settling the legs of the swings in the ground can not be avoided, so the patio area paved with this or that material (from stone to wood) will be the best option.

Suspension swings on ropes or metal chains can be hung on a tree branch. But it is important to understand that the tree should be strong, with thick and strong branches. And even in this case, the maximum permissible weight of those sitting on the swing will not be high. This version of the swing is more suitable for use by children and adolescents or adults with low weight.

If your country house is located near the pond, then most likely it stands on stilts. In some cases, the floors of the house are located quite high above the ground level and this distance is sufficient for hanging small swings.

The location of suspended spacious swings under a canopy or on a terrace is an excellent opportunity to organize a resting place with the most comfortable conditions. Under the roof of the terrace you will be in shadow and protected from the sun, there is no rain and a slight wind. Under a canopy or on the terrace you can use mattresses and pillows with fabric covers that tend to burn out in the sun or luxurious textiles that you would just feel sorry to expose to the impact of all possible natural phenomena.

Most often when choosing the color palette of swings, which will be suspended on the terrace, guided by the elementary principles of combinatorics. Depending on the color solutions of the facade of the building and the design of the terrace, the swing can either become an accent spot, or organically fit into the overall picture. Most often, the swing is selected according to the color of the rest of the garden furniture, located on the terrace – chairs or a sofa, a coffee table.

Another option for choosing a color for a swing is a combination of a bright or contrasting hue with some element of the terrace against the background of a neutral or light image of the whole structure. For example, a bright swing may coincide in color with the shutters or the entrance door, the decoration of the porch or the railing on the platform (terrace).

Suspend the garden swing and can be in the premises of a glazed terrace or veranda. If in your area often rains or even in summer there are rarely warm days, then this option may be the only one available in terms of practicality and comfort.

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