Fiberglass: what it is, photo in the interior, advantages and disadvantages

The building market offers a huge selection of different wallpapers. Paper, vinyl, non-woven. They differ in texture, composition, pattern and color. Which ones to choose? I want something unusual, not like everyone else. There was such a novelty – wallpaper from fiberglass. What it is? Fiberglass represent a decorative finishing material in a structure similar to a fiberglass fabric – it is a smooth and elastic fabric. They are made from completely natural components: soda, quartz sand, limestone and clay. From the glass obtained, by heating to t 1200 C, thin fibers are formed, from which yarn is formed. Then the material is woven from the fibers obtained. From it weave fiberglass with textured patterns and just a canvas – fiberglass. These wallpapers do not contain toxic substances, so they are considered environmentally friendly material.

Texture of fiberglass wallpaper

All glass walls are made for painting. Due to the different texture and variety of patterns, they can be selected for any type of room. Multiple staining does not spoil the appearance of the material, the pattern does not fade. It is allowed to repaint up to 20 times. For long-term use of fiberglass wallpaper, you need to choose the right glue. Paints for wallpaper should be chosen on a water basis – they do not clog the pattern and promote air exchange.
The main figures: matting, rhombus, vertical, zigzag, herringbone, diagonal, circles. There are many other various drawings, you can also order your individual drawing.

Advantages of Glass walls

  • environmentally safe: only natural ingredients are included in the material;
  • excellent fire safety – do not burn, do not support combustion, contact with fire does not produce corrosive substances;
  • strong: do not tear, do not scratch, can be washed with detergents;
  • high wear resistance – service life up to 30 years;
  • do not accumulate dust, do not cause allergies;
  • breathing material – under them is not formed fungus and mold;
  • create a healthy indoor microclimate.

Thanks to all the above advantages, when decorating rooms, glass walls are increasingly used. When choosing fiberglass, you must pay attention to the manufacturer. Good, quality wallpaper from fiberglass does not crumble, do not break. And when working with them, they do not cause any problems.

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