Fashionable wardrobes in harmony with the interior space

Today, cabinets are made in different styles. They also became practical and fashionable interior items designed for storing things, such as clothes, shoes, bags, bed linens, books and even household appliances. Depending on the functionality of the room, its size and other features, you can easily choose a wardrobe that will complement the existing design of the apartment and become an integral element of the living space. Look at the different types and variants of the wardrobes thanks to the photo gallery provided, and also take advantage of practical tips for choosing them.

How to start choosing a wardrobe?

Today you can easily design an individual closet, choosing the dimensions, compartments and material to be used. The main thing is to decide for which room you need this type of furniture and where it will be mounted. You can plan your dream wardrobe in just a few simple steps:

  1. Decide on the external dimensions and material of the potential cabinet.
  2. Set for yourself the number of main compartments in the wardrobe. All this is done in accordance with individual needs.
  3. Indicate the inner type of finish. You can use drawers, clothes hangers or vertical compartments to keep the wardrobe neat.
  4. Choose an exterior design of swing doors, which can be a simple mirror, a charming landscape or even a personal portrait.

Cases-compartments: photos of furniture in different materials of manufacture

Manufacturers use different materials to create wardrobes, because the latest technology makes this possible. The presented wardrobes are modernized furniture, therefore, finishing materials are used for their manufacture, which easily fit in with the modern style of the interior.

Composite particle board

This type of raw material is also called laminated chipboard. This is a fairly inexpensive material used in furniture production. The color palette is huge, so you can order a wardrobe for each design of the room.

Natural wood – prestige of the room

Sometimes more expensive natural wood is used. People who prefer to see in the interior of their rooms only environmentally friendly materials, use a tree of natural origin.

Modern fittings – addition and decoration of sliding-door wardrobes

For decoration, metal, glass, mosaic and other materials are used. The best sliding mechanism for a modern sliding-door wardrobe is the Komandor sliding system.

Kinds of sliding-door wardrobes

All the wardrobes are divided into two main types: built-in and case. The first and second types are practical and functional. The choice depends only on the personal preferences of the customer and the possibilities of the room where the construction will be installed.

Built-in wardrobe – significant savings in finance

The built-in type of furniture allows you to save money when ordering a wardrobe, since the design initially implies the use of a stationary floor, walls, ceiling of the room, like the top, side, bottom and rear planes of the wardrobe. The shape and size of the cabinet must correspond to the parameters of the installation site. The installation of the main components on the ceiling, walls and floor must be rigid. The built-in design makes it easy to hide defects in planning, and also effectively fill in useless space, in your opinion. Wardrobe can be installed in a niche or in a doorway. It is impossible to move such a cabinet from place to place, which can become a major drawback of this type of construction.

Corps wardrobe – mobile furniture

The case view of the sliding-door wardrobe, unlike the built-in type, looks like a traditional wardrobe. It has walls, a ceiling and a bottom. A distinctive feature of such furniture is the presence of sliding doors and the convenient organization of various boxes, shelves and hangers. The closet for things can be moved or moved to other rooms, and also taken with them in case of moving. When choosing a wardrobe, it is important to consider the size and layout of the room.

The wardrobe is divided into several subspecies, allowing you to choose one of the most suitable projects:

  • angular diagonal;
  • angular L-shaped;
  • trapezoidal;
  • angular triangular.

To change the shape of the room and give the interior originality often use non-standard versions of wardrobes that can be viewed in the photo.

Interior design of the wardrobe: visual advice on the location of shelves and hangers

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a wardrobe with predominant shelves or hangers. Hangers, in turn, can be front or rear. Usually in the cabinets there are such elements as baskets for shoes, boxes for laundry, hangers for ties and trousers. To arrange each thing in its place, you must carefully think over the design and inner filling of the wardrobe. In the chosen design there should be a suitable number of open and closed shelves, niches, boxes and other elements to properly organize space and store the maximum number of items. In addition, a visually attractive wardrobe can be a good decoration for your room and make it more comfortable, neat and stylish. Familiarize yourself with practical options for decorating the inside of the cabinet, which will allow you to organize your wardrobe in the most convenient way.

Sliding wardrobes in the bedroom

The bedroom cabinet for an adult must be chosen according to the style of the room. It is desirable that the color of the structure be calm with strict and expressive lines. But the best option for the children’s room will be a bright and unusual model. The main element of the cabinet design is the door. It can be made of mirrors, glass, decorative plates and other materials. For a dark and small bedroom is ideal mirror closet.

Sliding wardrobes in the hallway: photos of the best designs

The wardrobe in the hallway will determine the style of the interior and the atmosphere of the room as a whole. Particular attention is paid to the wardrobe compartment. It should be harmoniously placed in an accessible space and not spoil the proportions even limited to the hallway. The closet for the corridor should be practical, but also stylish and elegant.

Closet for the hall

The living room cabinet should have different sections: closed or open. Open shelves with dishes, decorative accessories, books, audio, souvenirs, brought from travel or original statuettes will look very beautiful. In closed sections and niches you can store underwear, seasonal clothes, household appliances and other necessary things. In the closet can accommodate almost everything. In this comfortable furniture you can put your photo albums, lay out blankets, pillows, objects of different purposes and documents. Racks for the wardrobe of the living room can be made of transparent or frosted glass, and the doors must be open or deaf, depending on what you are going to store in this cupboard. If you are going to put books, paintings, decorative figurines and beautiful dishes on the shelf, it is better to choose a door from glass. Often, in order to give an individual character and originality of furniture in the hall, satin glass facades or stylish stained-glass windows are used. Open sections can be decorated with built-in lamps, which effectively complement the expressive appearance of the closet.

The choice of wardrobes for today is huge. When you order furniture yourself, you can think of a spacious and stylish wardrobe along the entire length of the wall. In this version of the cabinet you can place several sections for clothes, open shelves for TV, music center, home theater and aquarium. The wardrobe is a find for a modern person, as it can be mounted anywhere in the room, accommodating all necessary items there.

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