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Comfort and convenience of modern apartment depends on the lighting. In addition to natural lighting, a great role in this belongs to artificial lighting. Correct lighting is not only coziness and comfort, it is the appropriate atmosphere in your home, the optimal conditions for work and rest, a good mood. To create artificial lighting apply lamps of various types and different functional purposes. With the help of lamps you can give the interior of the room a peculiar style and appearance.

The main classification is according to the installation method. There are the following varieties:
1) Ceiling. These include traditional chandeliers, suspension models, modular systems, spots and many other variations. Ceiling luminaires can serve for general lighting, allocate a certain area in the hall (for example, separate the dining room from the living room in the studio apartment), create light accents.
2) Wall mounted. They differ in that they are designed for installation on vertical surfaces and have the appropriate fasteners. Original lamps are used for spotlighting: for example, sconces are often hung in bedside tables, and “tablets” and spots – in paintings and mirrors.
3) Desktop. These are office lamps, and refined modern or retro fixtures made of expensive materials and riveting glances with their original shapes. Their important advantage is mobility: you can find a new place at any time. The modern lamp will “get accustomed” not only on the desktop, but also on a coffee table, chest of drawers, bedside table.
4) Outdoor. They allow you to achieve unique lighting effects, though they fit only into spacious halls. Decorative floor lamp looks very bright and becomes one of the centers of the interior.
When choosing a solution for a home, it is important to consider the type of lighting as well. Ceiling fixtures of direct light differ in brightness and are perfect for offices and offices. They are recommended for use in interiors of houses with low ceilings. Scattered light is considered the most pleasing to the eye. But you need to consider that because of lamp shades and bubbly the brightness of the bulbs decreases, so for interiors in dark colors, you need to select models with a large number of horns. The most unusual lamps are reflected light. At them the light stream gets on the screen, so, does not blind. Due to the reflector settings, the flow direction is easily adjustable.

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