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There are no bad products – there are bad cooks. No uncomfortable kitchens – there is an incorrect layout. Do not know how to fit everything you need to 6 square meters? Do you doubt what to add to the interior of the spacious kitchen so that it does not look “naked”? Especially for you, we picked up the best tips and tricks of installing a corner kitchen on ANY square.

Kitchens by the rules and without: take into account today or regret until the next repair?

Yes, that’s it. And no compromise. After all, what is the kitchen? A well-equipped working area in your apartment. And in order for it to be functional, convenient, SAFE, there are a number of rules that must be observed.

Working Triangle Rule

In the distant 40-ies, when the technique was large, and kitchenettes are small, interior design specialists designed the ideal kitchen to work out the rule of the working triangle. What is its essence? In any kitchen there are three working areas:

  1. a zone of storage of products (a refrigerator, cabinets and curbstones),
  2. zone of preliminary processing and preparation of products (washbasin and kitchen table),
  3. cooking area (stove, oven).

According to the rule of the working triangle, the functional zones in the kitchen should be located on its tops. Roughly speaking, a working triangle is a trajectory that you move around in the kitchen while cooking. And in order to make it as comfortable as possible, the triangle should be:

  • equilateral
  • with sides not less than 1.2 meters and not more than 2.6 meters.

Why these numbers? It’s simple: if less, you will be cramped and uncomfortable, if more – you will have to move more than there is no real need, and you will become more tired. Despite the fact that the rule of the working triangle is almost 80 years old, it is still relevant today. In every kitchen layout, it looks different. Compare.

In the working triangle, there should not be any obstacles: a trash can, a bar counter, a bowl of a favorite cat. Only in this case the movement around the kitchen will be easy, and the cooking process is pleasant.

The rules for placing furniture and household appliances in the kitchen

  1. The distance between the cooker and the sink must be at least 40 cm, and ideally – from 60 to 90 cm. If this is not done, the spray during dishwashing can accidentally extinguish the gas burner or get on the control panel of the electric stove. Ideally, between the sink and the stove, there should be a zone for cutting food, and it can not be small.
  2. From the stove to the walls should be at least 15 cm, otherwise they will always be stained with droplets of fat.
  3. Near the stove, you can not put the refrigerator close. Due to constant overheating, it will have to work at full power and very soon it will become unusable. The distance between the fridge and the cooker should be at least 15-20 cm.
  4. In order for the extractor to effectively draw out contaminants, fumes and odors, place it at a height of 70-75 cm above the electric stove and 75-80 cm above the gas stove.
  5. All that is connected with water (a sink, a dishwasher or a washing machine) should be in one place. And on the adapters during installation, you will save, and water will be easier to localize in the event of any force majeure situations.
  6. Oven near the corner cabinet will be inconvenient to open, so it is better not to install them side by side.

In any case, when creating a kitchen project, an “initial data” plays a huge role, namely the location of the plate, the gas boiler (if any) and the sink, they are, as a rule, very difficult to transfer. This is why the most popular variant of kitchen layout is corner or L-shaped.

What everyone should know about the corner kitchen

Corner kitchen – this is a layout of the kitchen, in which all working areas are located near two adjacent walls and form an angle.

Advantages of corner kitchen

  1. Corner placement of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen is ideal for placing the “working triangle”, because all functional areas are located as compactly as possible to each other.
  2. At a corner planning one of corners of kitchen is completely involved, that is very important in design of a miniature kitchen.
  3. The popularity of this type of cuisine has caused the development of a huge number of accessories and accessories for it.
  4. Corner kitchens look beautiful and interesting.
  5. The modules of the corner kitchen set are very roomy.
  6. Thanks to the angular layout of the kitchen, its zoning is greatly simplified. It is enough to place a cooking zone in one corner, and in another use (in other words, a dining table and chairs to it).

Disadvantages of corner kitchen

  1. Corner layout of the kitchen is not suitable for elongated narrow spaces (it is better to use a straight or parallel layout).
  2. The ideal corner kitchen requires an individual approach to design, especially if it has any irregularities, ledges or niches.
  3. The difficulty in arranging a convenient corner module.

Features of corner kitchen

1.The corner module can be straight or beveled. Due to the slanting angle, the working area is increased, so that it is possible to place a zone for cutting products. This design is much easier in terms of equipping the lower pedestal. Corner kitchen with a right angle is more suitable for a small kitchen where every square meter counts.

2.To simplify access to the contents of the corner cabinet, you can use folding doors, internal carousel stands or drawers with L-shaped facades.

3.At the edges of the corner kitchen, it is best to place the beveled open shelves so that the kitchen is more streamlined.

4.If a sink or a stove is placed in the corner of your kitchen, it is better to make the corner beveled so that it is convenient for you.

5.The table top of the corner kitchen should be integral or with well sealed joints.

4 different sizes of kitchen with corner layout

A small corner kitchen (up to 6 sq.m)

To the corner kitchen organically looked on the area to 6 square meters. m do it:

  • light
  • streamlined rounded shape
  • with additional lighting above the working area
  • with hanging cabinets to the ceiling and the doors opening upwards
  • with drawers in the lower pedestals
  • with a window sill as an additional countertop

Do not in any way reduce the working area of ​​the compact kitchen due to the sink! In a small sink dirty dishes can not fit, so it will have to be placed on the table or pedestals. Because of this, there will be a feeling of a strong clutter.

Corner kitchen 6 sq.m. m – 7 sq. m

If in kitchens up to six square meters it is not often possible to see a refrigerator (it simply does not fit there and it is taken out into the corridor), then it is quite possible to place it on an area of ​​6-7 sq.m. Best in the interior of such a kitchen will look built-in refrigerators.
Remember! The kitchen, which is custom made according to your individual measurements, although it will cost a little more than the standard modules from the store, but will fully meet your needs and in the future will save a huge number of your nerves.

Corner kitchen 8 sq.m. – 9 sq.m

Angular kitchen for a room of 8-9 sq.m can be diversified with pleasant “bonuses” in the form of additional cabinets and drawers. Of course, there is no urgent need for them, but if there is an opportunity to make your life more comfortable, then why not?

Here is a perfect example of such an interior: on both sides of the oven there are two pull-out baskets-cargo (bottle-bottles). A very convenient piece when making meat dishes with wine or sauces!

Corner kitchen of 10 sq.m. – 12 square meters. m

Are you lucky and your kitchen is spacious enough? Add the bar to the interior! It can be used both as a dining table and as an additional work surface. Good fit in the design of the kitchen 10-12 sq.m small sofa. Another interesting option, which is suitable for a large kitchen – is to place one of the parts of the L-shaped headset not along the wall, but parallel to it. In the resulting niche, you can place some mobile element, such as a table on wheels from IKEA.

Also you can place in the opposite corner a small dining table for which the whole family can gather in the evening. Look at how cozy this interior looks!

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