Custom original kitchen: a design that inspires

Kitchen – has long been not just a utility room for cooking. The application of innovative ideas, materials, modern technologies allows to achieve an incredible effect in kitchen design. Finally, to make sure that this room can quite claim the place of the most creative room in the house, our article with vivid examples in the photo will help.

Non-standard solutions for small kitchens

Kitchen with the usual placement of the headset – is not the only option of planning. If you want to work with a non-standard compact space, a kitchen with ledges and niches or located in the passage room, from the traditional arrangement of furniture items will have to be abandoned. But what to choose in return? About this further.

Kitchen-chest of drawers

The room of the kitchen can be too compact – so much that it can not be noticed. For a small studio apartment or a room in a communal apartment, designers thought out the most modest, but optimal configuration possible: three cupboards for food and dishes, a sink and a microwave. All this functionality is covered with a lid (if necessary) and turns into a discreet and even pretty chest of drawers, which does not spoil the design of the living space. Of course, such a kitchen can hardly be called full-fledged, but for a student or bachelor – an excellent option.


This version of the kitchen is designed in the form of a cabinet the size of a compact wardrobe. This configuration already provides space for a refrigerator, a small stove and several shelves on top – for dishes, spices and other small things. The advantage is similar – when the doors are closed, the mini-kitchen turns into a common piece of furniture. The downside is the lack of stretching, because of what will have to constantly wash the cabinet.

Kitchen in the recess

If it is possible to organize a kitchen set in a closet, then in an inconspicuous niche or in an empty corner – even more so. Furnish kitchen furniture in a minimalist design so that it does not catch your eye – no frills and decor, only one tone and straight lines. This is an excellent option for corridors, the width of which is from 2 meters.

Longer than usual

Go beyond the standards! – the favorite motto of creative authors of interior solutions. If there is no place, why not extend the kitchen in the corridor or the living room – let the facades continue along the whole wall. In this photo all the purely kitchen part belongs to the “kitchen” – the hob, the stove, the refrigerator are not visible at all from the living room.

Mobile kitchen

In the process of organizing a kitchen in a small room may not be enough space for any object, for example, for a dinner table. But then resourceful designers solved the issue and came up with a table consisting of modules. In the project on the next photo kitchen area of ​​3 square meters. meter after the alteration is integrated into the living room, and the elements of the table can easily move along the windows. If necessary, they are combined into a dining table or spread out into 3 compact ones: for snacks, for kitchen, for writing.

The extravaganza of flowers in creating a spectacular and stylish design

These masters are so skillful, stylish, and harmoniously using bright colors to create a “wow effect” in the kitchen design, that even the most inveterate supporter of a quiet pastel interior will not remain indifferent. Just look at the next selection of photos with similar examples!

And here is another example of a modulated kitchen space with a bright design, where the main accent was the color of fuchsia, contrasting with the black background. Here the partitions give way to spacious cupboards with built-in stove, counter top and storage system.

An interesting idea was the creation of a sufficiently functional office on the other side of the center module, where the kitchen is located. There are storage space, shelves, as well as sockets for connecting a computer, printer and other equipment. This is a brilliant solution that opens access to the living room, but at the same time hides the office behind the door, creating a sense of purity and order.

Impressive light scenario

Very unusual unusual solutions in the organization of lighting kitchen space. Unique lamps, spectacular lamps, neon lights and other methods of light scenario can become a complementary element or the main accent in the interior.

Harmonious unity of styles: an eco-loft option in kitchen design

When someone from the household likes brutal notes in the interior, and someone likes natural materials, then here you can reach a single consensus by decorating the kitchen in the eco-loft style. The combination of styles has long been actively used in the practice of designers. It is not surprising, because often skillful manipulations with details of different directions can create a real sensation in the design! Let’s see what we managed to create with the interior of this kitchen.

The ceiling is made in eco-motifs quite unusual. He is covered with wallpaper, imitating old boards, texture accompaniment which was a homemade lamp from the ship jute ropes, into which the wire is woven. Ropes can be beautifully assembled in a bundle or distributed throughout the room to create a different light scenario.

To refresh the interior, Mediterranean accents are added to the overall composition in the form of a tile and a blue palette, and instead of the upper cabinets above the working area there is a cube made of solid wood with fascinating lighting.

The original solution was a kind of “soaring garden” at the window, where the owners can grow fragrant herbs and freshly added them to the dishes.

Effectively completes the ensemble panels from diagonal boards, which adorns a scattering of hand-painted plates. Some of them repeat the pattern of the floor tiles. A stylish touch in the interior – the curtains of denim, which harmoniously combine the blue palette and eco-motives.

More ideas for the unusual design of the kitchen space are presented in the next photo selection.

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