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Comfort and convenience of modern apartment depends on the lighting. In addition to natural lighting, a great role in this belongs to artificial lighting. Correct lighting is not only coziness and comfort, it is the appropriate atmosphere in your home, the optimal conditions for work and rest, a good mood. To create artificial lighting apply lamps of various types and different functional purposes. With the help of lamps you can give the interior of the room a peculiar style and appearance.

In every house, a thing that unites absolutely all rooms, but does not equalize, is lighting. Without lighting in the modern world can not do, because a lot of things we do at home in the evening, when the natural coverage of speech can no longer go.
With the help of light sources in the house you can create any atmosphere: from festive to romantic. And in this issue there are certain subtleties in the design of lighting supplies for each room in the apartment. About this and many other things you will learn from our article.
Design options
With the help of light, the accents of any room in the apartment can be changed beyond recognition. In this case, you can use different approaches and design solutions. For example, modern lighting in the house is increasingly directed at highlighting a certain area of ​​the room. Today this method is actively used for zoning rooms.
In a modern apartment, lighting design and lighting can be made in four versions:
General or background lighting. In this situation, as a lighting fixture is a central luminaire, for example, a chandelier. Here the light is scattered;
Local or local lighting. This way of lighting allows creating additional lighting for a specific area. As an object of illumination in this situation is the interior;
Working lighting. By means of such illumination it is possible to light up a workplace. A feature of such lighting devices is a bright light directed character. As an object of orientation, the human eye will act here. This approach can often be found in the kitchen;
Decorative lighting. It is used as a local highlight of decorative interior elements (vases, sculptures, niches, etc.).
To create lighting in the house you can use such types of lighting:
chandelier. Always acts as a central light source. In a modern apartment, this lamp is increasingly used;
Spotlights. It is they who have recently replaced the chandelier. Can play the role of both main lighting and optional. Very often used in combination with LED strips;
LED Strip Light. An excellent light source for creating hidden illumination. Especially common in tension and plasterboard ceilings.
In addition, neon lamps, duralight, etc. can serve as lighting devices. But these lamps at home are much less common than the above described species.
In one room you can use either one of the lighting options, or a combination of several options. It all depends on what purpose each particular room in the house has, and what you most often do in it.

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