Borders and friezes: description, types and photos

Curbs and friezes are long paper strips along which a decorative pattern is applied. They are pasted on the top of the wallpaper. In the interior are horizontal tapes glued along the perimeter of the room.

A border is a colored or ornamental strip 15-30 mm wide. It is mainly used for decorating the joint between the wall and the ceiling, as well as for finishing windows, doorways, etc., sometimes used to create decorative panels, for example, for the decoration of photo wallpapers. When choosing a picture, it should be taken into account that for background and monochrome wallpapers you should choose a border of the same tone, only a brighter color. If the wallpaper has a pronounced pattern, it is better to use a border of the same color or slightly darker than the main background.

The freeze is also a paper strip, only 150-300 mm wide, with a standard length of 12 m. They are used as a horizontal band around the whole room, which can be located under the ceiling, along the perimeter of the paintings or at the level of the backs of the chairs.

Interior photo

Varieties of material

By the type of surface to be trimmed, borders and friezes can be for paper, vinyl, textile, acrylic, velor and fiberglass cloths.

So the material differs in texture, there are:

  • embossed – have a relief surface;
  • smooth – a classic option.

By type of glue, friezes and borders are divided into two types:

  • usual – greased with glue, as well as conventional wallpaper. Excellent for painted surfaces or papered with wallpaper.
  • self-adhesive – this kind of has on the wrong side of the protective paper, which, as far as gluing is to be removed. They are well suited for vinyl and washable wallpaper, as usual glue does not stick to them.

Work Tips

If glue or curbs are used to paste the usual wallpaper glue, the edges of the material may fall behind with time, so special glue should be used. It is very important when working not to leave excess glue on the surface, otherwise on the wall will remain shiny spots. The fact that the “curb” adhesive dries quickly, so you should immediately remove the remnants of the glue with a damp cloth or sponge.

By and large, friezes and borders can be glued at any height, the main thing is to withstand strict horizontality and alignment of the pattern in the corners, for this, before the sticking on the wall, a drive line must be made. By the way, in the process of work, do not allow twisting and bending of the material, as this can ruin the finish.

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