Beautiful tile design in the bathroom

It’s not a secret for anyone that tiles are an ideal finish for a bathroom. It is moisture resistant, easy to clean, durable and fashionable material, using which you can create an original atmosphere in the room.

What is tile?

All tiles are divided into two types: floor and wall. Choosing a tile for the floor, you should prefer matte tiles with a rough surface, this is the floor will not slide. Also as a floor covering the tile of a mosaic will approach. This material is strong enough and not slippery. But the wall tiles differ from the floor with their perfectly smooth surface. In addition to this, unlike floor tiles, it is easy to cut, which is very important for fitting the masonry in the corners of the room.

Design of tiled finishes in the bathroom

To create an interesting interior in the bathroom, designers use a few simple techniques. It can be a fully tiled room. For this purpose, you can use tiles for floors and walls with the same design, or you can combine tiles in different sizes.

The second, no less interesting option – the panel of tiles. In this case, the rest of the wall is covered with a layer of waterproof plaster. No less interesting in the decoration of the walls of the bathroom looks tile for natural stone.

For finishing a large bathroom, you can use several types of finishes to delineate space. For example, in a shower cubicle walls lay out with tiles mosaic, and near the bathroom make panels with mosaic elements.

Pay special attention to the color when choosing a tile. It is on him that the perception of space and the atmosphere in the entire room depend. Light colors will visually expand the space and make it airy and light. The most popular and effective for the bathroom are white, blue and beige colors. They can be used both for monochrome interiors, and in combination with more saturated colors.

Several options for designing a bathroom

The bathroom in the life of each of us occupies an important place, it is here that we can relax and recharge after a busy day to fulfill our daily tasks and duties. Therefore, being in the bathroom should be as comfortable as possible and cause only positive emotions.

The original solution for the design of the bathroom will be a combination of warm beige shade with a rich color of dark chocolate. To create such an interior, the bathroom can be placed in a special box lined with chocolate tiles, the same finish applied in the shower area, and that the water does not splash on the floor to install glass wall partitions. In addition to the tile, you can pick up a large washstand with numerous drawers for detergents and other small items. Free tones in such a bathroom painted in a warm beige color and fill the empty space with paintings that will be the unifying elements for used contrasting colors.

Excellent in the bathroom will look glossy tiles. It visually expands the space and makes it deep.

Such a tile you can lay a wall along which to arrange a bathroom and a shower stall.

Excellent in the bathroom will look tile, laid out on the type of brickwork. A special charm of this decoration will be given by a combination of several tones of blue. And it is not necessary to make such all the walls, it will be enough only for a separate section of the free wall.

For fans of bright contrasts, a bathroom with dark tiles on the floor and walls and white plumbing fixtures is ideal. For such finishing, the ideal solution will be a large tile with a minimum number of divorces. It will be easy to take care of such walls, and thanks to the inexpressive figure, drops and water splashes will not be visible on it.

To create an original interior, you can lay out one of the free walls in the bathroom with tiles with various patterns, creating a pattern on the wall like a patchwork sewing. However, with such expressive decor, the remaining surfaces should be made monophonic so as not to overload the space.

To the interior was interesting, it is not necessary to resort to bright colors and pronounced contrast. For beautiful wall decoration, it is enough to choose an interesting tile with a relief pattern. This finish may well be a highlight of the bathroom.

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