Bathroom ceiling light fixtures

Comfort and convenience of modern apartment depends on the lighting. In addition to natural lighting, a great role in this belongs to artificial lighting. Correct lighting is not only coziness and comfort, it is the appropriate atmosphere in your home, the optimal conditions for work and rest, a good mood. To create artificial lighting apply lamps of various types and different functional purposes. With the help of lamps you can give the interior of the room a peculiar style and appearance.

Among the large range of light sources presented in the modern lighting market, ceiling lamps in the bathroom are very popular, in comparison with wall or point models. But all because, even recently, a couple of decades ago, we were accustomed to see a small chandelier, one lamp located on the ceiling, to maintain a comfortable lighting of such a small room. But even though everything changes, and times, and fashion and preferences, but the urgency to buy exactly such fixtures in the bathroom remains unchanged, that’s just the choice increases, and the concept of the category of these models expands.
Ceiling luminaires for the bathroom, by type are divided into the following categories: “points”, sconces on the ceiling and chandeliers. These are the main three categories. If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using each of them in particular, it is necessary to take into account both the dimensions, the layout of the room, and the type of ceiling, as well as the necessary level of illumination. In addition, it is important to understand that with increasing humidity, the occurrence of steam or temperature changes, all this “rises” purposefully to the ceiling, and therefore affects exactly those bathroom fixtures that are installed there. Therefore, it is necessary to select models that are specialized, moisture resistant, resistant to external influences, made of special materials, with a special coating, from the bathroom series. As for the most affordable model range, point light sources can be placed on a false ceiling, while decorating it, as well as in niches, for decorative illumination, near mirrors, shelves and lockers, working surfaces. They can be used both in the singular, and on several similar objects scattered on the ceiling, and highlighting the only necessary zones. That is, it is quite a convenient model, multifunctional, which can be used depending on the needs and due to its compactness, suitable for placement not only on the ceiling, but also in other places on different surfaces. Chandeliers, in turn, have a more limited choice in placement. This is an exclusively ceiling light source, which is used, located relatively in the middle of the room. If the lighting from such an object is not enough, then they can be supplemented with some others or used together with others (the same points). As for the wall, it is not only the ceiling (although there are special sconces for placing on the ceiling), but most likely the bathroom fixtures are wall-mounted. Successfully combining examples for the ceiling and walls, you can achieve a stunning result, creating a stylish, cozy and lighted bathroom.
Fixtures for bathroom ceiling according to the type of installation, attachment and installation, can be built-in, suspended or overhead. Overhead is more convenient to place in niches and to illuminate the space near the mirror, since they are easy to install, and most often they are point models (small and compact). Built-in also belong to the category of point, and they are ideal for mounting in a suspended ceiling, allowing to decorate it, as well as to diversify the design of the restroom with interesting and unusual lighting. Chandeliers and sconces belong to hanging options, since they often protrude above the surface, ceiling level or hang on a special leg, hanging. They can also include such a variety as rotary, which are very convenient due to the fact that you can independently adjust and direct the light stream, highlighting one or another area of ​​the lavatory.

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